Requiem Antique Jewelry and Curios from Victorian to ModernistRequiem Antique
About Us

Requiem can be defined as a "time of remembrance." Here, we take great joy in honoring the artists and designers, past and present, from the maker of the humble beaten copper cuff to the elaborate enameled gold lavalier. Its our belief that from their original creation, through years of being passed from one hand to the next, these objects take on a life of their own. And if we're doing our job well, most items we offer will somehow convey this. So whether you call it character, vibes or mojo, listen to your antiques... they're talking to you!

Personally speaking, the most interesting things are those which we have yet to learn about. The beauty of collecting is the never ending variety; there is always something new to research. If you are interested in more information about a particular category represented here at Requiem, drop us an email. I may be able to provide you with references you will find helpful.

Hawaii based, we buy directly from private individuals and estates; we travel frequently to broaden our scope. Professionally Certified for Appraisal in 1997 by C.A.G.A through the Missouri School of Auction.


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