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Sales Policy

To place an order, inquire about shipping costs, or request further information concerning an item of interest, simply click on the ORDER/INQUIRE button located under each item's opening picture. It will then be necessary for you to complete the Secure Order and Inquire form, which will be encrypted and safely transmitted. We will respond to orders/inquiries as quickly as possible, in the order they are received. While our inventory status is promptly updated, please note that item availability is subject to prior sale. If you need assistance with the ordering/inquiry process, or simply prefer to e-mail, feel free to do so at . We would be pleased to hear from you.

Payment Methods:
Upon making your purchase, please notify us regarding which of our payment options you choose.

Riverbend Gallery accepts the following methods of payment:
-Paypal (preferred payment method)(send payments to
-Personal checks (payable to: Riverbend Gallery)
-Money Orders
-Bank Checks

Payment Policies:
Paypal- Customers may pay via Paypalís service by credit card or bank account in U.S. dollars. Please direct Paypal payments through Paypalís secure website using our e-mail address: ( If Paypal is the chosen payment method, payment must be received/confirmed within 7 days

Personal Checks/Money Orders/Bank Checks- Make checks and money orders payable in U.S. dollars to: Riverbend Gallery. Please specify the item number and/or item description in the memo field of the check.

Please e-mail to request the mailing address to which payments by check should be mailed.

Checks must be received within 14 days of the order date and must clear before the item ships. As such, check orders typically experience a longer delay until shipping, so please take this into consideration when estimating the arrival of your purchase. If a check is not received within 14 days of the purchase date, Riverbend Gallery will attempt to contact the buyer to discuss and resolve pending payment issues. If alternative arrangements cannot be made, the item may be re-listed for sale due to non-payment, making void the original purchase agreement.

Payment Misc.:
-Payments are accepted in US dollars only, please.
-Riverbend Gallery does not accept payment by C.O.D.
-Georgia residents will be charged applicable state and local sales tax.
-International Payments: Payment from international customers is restricted to international money orders or wire transfers in U.S. dollars. Please see our International Customers section below for further details regarding international purchases.
-Items will be considered reserved until payment is received and clears, and will be marked as sold once the payment process is complete.

Riverbend Gallery primarily ships via U.S. Postal Service (First Class or Priority, insured), unless the customer indicates another preference. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs, which will be quoted in advance. Items will be carefully packaged and shipped upon completion of the payment process (varies by method of payment), as outlined in the payment policy section. An e-mail will be sent informing the customer when their package has shipped. All items are shipped from Riverbend Gallery insured. In the unlikely event that an item arrives damaged or is lost in shipment from Riverbend Gallery, please contact us promptly to inquire about initiating an insurance claim.

To provide a better understanding of how an order progresses, the information below outlines the general sequence of events in the ordering process:

1. Make an inquiry/place an order: When an inquiry is made, Riverbend Gallery will confirm that the item is still available and will then provide you with a quote via e-mail including the item price, shipping, and insurance as promptly as possible. Applicable sales tax will be assessed for Georgia residents only. Please be sure to provide the ship-to address so shipping (and sales tax, if applicable) can be accurately calculated.

2. Make payment: Payment can be made via Paypal, Personal Check, Money Order, or Bank Check. Please see full payment details under the Payment Policy section above.

3. Order confirmation: Once payment is received, Riverbend Gallery will send a confirmation e-mail to update you on the progress of your order.

4. Shipment: When payment has cleared, items will be prepared for shipping. Riverbend Gallery typically ships items on Saturdays. Items will be carefully packaged and shipped via U.S. Postal Service (unless otherwise specified/indicated). We will send an e-mail when items have shipped, including a tracking number, if applicable. Please see our Shipping Information section for additional information.

5. Item(s) Received: Customers have 30 days to examine their purchases within which time items may be returned for ANY REASON (provided they are returned in the same condition as when shipped from Riverbend Gallery) for a FULL REFUND of the item price, excluding all shipping costs (in such cases, both original and return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer). In the unlikely event a return seems necessary, please see our return policy for full details and contact us as soon as possible.

6. After the transaction is complete: It is our goal to to build business relationships for life. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your return business. After your transaction is complete, please e-mail us to let us know that your item arrived safely and if there are any concerns whatsoever. It is our desire to find a way to satisfy any concerns you may have. We also welcome any suggestions you might have for ways we can improve our business. Alternatively, if your experience has been pleasant, we would likewise be pleased to hear from you.

At Riverbend Gallery, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases. To ensure this, WE FULLY GUARANTEE THE AUTHENTICITY OF OUR ITEMS, while also offering our customers a general 30 day return/refund period, during which time items may be returned for ANY REASON. After the initial 30 day return/refund period has passed, customers may rest assured that applicable items sold by Riverbend Gallery are guaranteed to be authentic and ancient, and may be returned for a full refund, if determined otherwise.

Please see further details concerning our return/refund policies below.

30 day general return/refund policy:
With our general return/refund policy, customers enjoy a full 30 day return/refund period. Throughout the first 30 days, purchased items may be returned FOR ANY REASON for a full refund of the original purchase price (minus all shipping costs), provided they are returned in the same condition as when originally shipped from Riverbend Gallery (see section on damage in shipping for insurance issues related to items damaged in transit).

Feel free to use your first 30 days to view and handle purchased items in-person, examine them for yourself, and/or have them examined by a professional for added peace of mind concerning authenticity and/or condition. We are fully confident in the assessments provided in our product descriptions, and encourage you to have our determinations of authenticity, condition, age, and cultural affilitation confirmed by a recognized, qualified professional, if you so wish.

Guarantee of authenticity return/refund policy:
In addition to our general 30 day return/refund period, our customers also enjoy a GUARANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY. All antiquities and artifacts offered by Riverbend Gallery are guaranteed to be genuine and ancient. If any ancient item purchased from Riverbend Gallery is professionally determined to be significantly other than stated, the item may be returned for a refund of the original purchase price, including original shipping costs.

Riverbend Gallery deals only in authentic, legally-acquired items. We have extensive experience in handling antiquities and artifacts, and stand behind our assessments of authenticity, age, cultural affiliation, and condition. With scientific testing remaining relatively expensive (can be more expensive than the item considered for testing!) most dealers generally rely on their own and their colleagues' expertise in determining an item's authenticity. Yet, apart from scientific testing, we recognize that no assessment is perfect and the potential exists for mistakes to be made, even in an expert's evaluation. It just for such rare possibilities that we offer our customers added peace of mind with our guarantee of authenticity. In addition, for those who are interested, a certificate of authenticity is available free upon request for each ancient item purchased (simply request one at the time of your order).

Return/Refund Process:
In the unlikely event a return is necessary...
1. Customer(s) should first contact Riverbend Gallery as soon as possible to state their intent to return the item(s) and the reason for the desired return. If a return is applicable, it is the responsibility of the customer to carefully re-package the item and ship it to Riverbend Gallery (all return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer.)

2. Returnable items must be received by Riverbend Gallery within 30 calendar days from the date of original sale for any issue other than a dispute of authenticity. Returns related to disputes of authenticity may occur past the initial 30 day return/refund period, provided all requirements are met as outlined below.

3. Items must be received in the same condition as when they were originally shipped by Riverbend Gallery. Return shipping and related costs, arrangements, and safe return of items are the sole responsibility of the customer. Return shipping insurance is highly recommended. If return shipping insurance is not purchased by the customer and the item is received damaged when it is returned to Riverbend Gallery, a refund cannot be issued. In such cases, it would be necessary for the customer to contact the shipping agency and submit an insurance claim. If insurance is not purchased by the customer for the return shipping, or if the shipping agency does not honor the insurance claim, Riverbend Gallery cannot be held liable and, regretfully, cannot issue a refund. Returnable items should be carefully packaged and shipped by a reputable shipping company to avoid potential damage.

4. If applicable, a refund will be issued within (14) days via check from Riverbend Gallery, unless otherwise indicated. In eligible cases, we will refund the original purchase price for the item returned, excluding all shipping/insurance costs (except in cases of damage in shipment FROM Riverbend Gallery to the customer and acceptable returns related to disputes of authenticity, which may allow for refunds of original shipping costs as well).

5. For returns related to DISPUTES OF AUTHENTICITY beyond the initial 30 day return/refund period: It will be necessary for the customer to first provide Riverbend Gallery with a written, signed, dated document from the authenticator, furnished at the customerís expense before returning the item in question. Please note that the authenticator must be a RECOGNIZED or otherwise licensed, trained PROFESSIONAL (including, but not limited to: museum curators, Professors of Anthropology, Art History, or Archaeology (degree holding, from accredited institutions), or professionals otherwise agreed upon by both parties as recognized authorities in a relevant field). Documents submitted regarding disputes of authenticity must include a photo of the item examined and a thorough explanation from the authenticator as to the processes involved in, and their rational for, questioning the authenticity of the item concerned.

If a return is applicable, Riverbend Gallery will promptly notify the customer of approval for the return. The customer is responsible for safely returning the item in question to Riverbend Gallery in the same condition as when originally shipped. If applicable, refunds issued related to disputes of authenticity will be limited to the original purchase price of the item and original shipping fees. Riverbend Gallery is not liable for reimbursing any costs incurred by the customer in the process of authentication, including, but not limited to, expenses for consultations, travel, analysis, testing, materials, shipping (during these processes), etc., as these expenses are the sole responsibility of the customer and are incurred at the customerís sole discretion.

Important Note: Riverbend Gallery's return/refund policies are in effect as long as Riverbend Gallery remains in business. While policies are subject to change without notice, policies in effect at the time of your purchase will be recognized. Please refer to our website for the most up-to-date and current policies in effect.

Interested in an item but need a little time to research or think it over? Items may be reserved/held for a period of 24 hours while you make your decision. If you have not placed your order after 24 hours from the time your reserve/hold request is received, the item will again be made available for sale and/or offered to other interested parties (in the order inquiries were received).

In an effort to maintain a high standard of customer service, while ensuring that our practices allow us to remain in business to serve you, Riverbend Gallery's policies are continually examined to ensure that they are clear and reasonable for all parties involved. As such, please be aware that revisions may be made to information on this page, and policies are subject to change without notice. Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date, current version of our policies. Rest assured, if a change in policy occurs after a purchase has been made, we will gladly handle any of your concerns and honor any requests in accordance with our policies in effect at the time of your purchase.

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