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Additional Services
  • Domain Name Service

  • FTP Access Feature

  • Other services made available by TROCADERO for additional fees. Please contact us by e-mail if you desire any of these services.

    Domain Name Service   (one time charges)
    •  purchase a domain name - optional

    •  resolve to member's site on TROCADERO

    •  annual TROCADERO hosting fee
    member purchases from registrar (we prefer Network Solutions be used)

    $45 - covers guidance and support to resolve name to member's site on TROCADERO

    none (though the member must, themselves, maintain their registration with the registrar)

    Why, and How?   Hosting a domain name with one's site on TROCADERO is completely optional. Advantages include the prestige of your pages being served from your own web address instead of a sub-directory of TROCADERO and perhaps an advantage in some search engine results. The member keeps ownership and control of their name (so long as they keep their registration current with the registrar.) Let us know if you want a domain and we will help remove the mystery and clear the obstacles.

    Choice of registrar: Though a member may register their domain name with the registrar of their choice (and this may be the case for a domain already registered by the member), we prefer that Network Solutions be used. Trocadero can be named the Technical Contact for a Network Solutions registered domain, enabling us to more easily and directly support resolution to the member's site and provide guidance and technical edits as might be needed.

    Nameservers: We prefer to edit domain registrations (regardless of the registrar) to specify Trocadero's nameservers. And we will need to edit Trocadero's server configuration (and the member's site) in any event to respond appropriately to requests. If you already have a domain name registered, please indicate if you have any other services (other than private registration) with the registrar. If so, we may have to assist you with resolving from the registrar's nameservers instead of our own. (Using Trocadero's nameservers allows us to more efficiently manage configured domains and minimize downtime of individual domains should we need to move services to another network.)

    Costs: Our $45 charge (for guidance, support and work) is one time (not recurring). Hosting of the domain name is free thereafter. Your domain name registration is recurring with the registrar and is your responsibility to maintain at the registrar's rates. If our time is later required as a result of either not being named the technical contact or the domain not being resolved to our nameservers, we may need to charge our hourly rate for any work becoming necessary (which may in such cases, with delays, should we need to move services to another network.)

    FTP Access   (one time & recurring charges)
    •  set up FTP access privileges
    •  FTP maintenance fee
    •  disk space usage fees *
    $25 TROCADERO systems editing fee - one time
    $ 5 minimum fee for access privileges - monthly
    1 ¢ per every 2kb disk space used - monthly

    This is also a completely optional feature. Its use is intended for those who desire editorial control over their homepage and secondary pages. It does not enable subscribers to edit catalog or item pages. Forgoing this feature does not impede your use of TROCADERO's catalog maintenance features

    * Disk usage fees are charged for file storage in a directory called "pages" which will be set up for accounts subscribing to the FTP feature. We charge for disk space because (1) you are deciding how elaborate and large your home and secondary pages will be and (2) picture files (which are large by nature) are not adding directly to the content of TROCADERO community pages.

    This does not mean that you will be paying for disk space for all your items on top of your subscription fee to TROCADERO for other services. It will only count files you directly upload to your pages directory via FTP for purposes of building, illustrating and serving your homepage and secondary pages.

    Our fees are structured on the premise that this feature will provide added value in support of a TROCADERO site - not a stand alone site - and also accounts for the higher bandwidth consumption incurred while uploading and downloading across our network.

    We do require that any content you are storing in your "pages" directory be related to your merchant activities on TROCADERO. Storage of content on an FPT accessible account on TROCADERO to support a site elsewhere is not permitted. Storage of unrelated or impermissible files may forfeit your FTP privileges without notice.

    We presume you are familiar with File Transfer Protocol if you request this feature. We will support the application but not instruct in its use.

    You will not be using third party FTP software with a direct connection to our server but rather a proprietary application we have developed for use via browser interface with our secure server.

    Please contact us by e-mail if you desire any of these services.

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