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A A ANTIQUES BY INTERNET (2 items in category) View Seller Profile
Large collection of Loetz, Kralik, Moser, Bohemian, Czech and other Art Glass. Also lots of porcelain figurines, and hand-painted plates and plaques of the highest quality.
Brasegard Antiques (2 items in category) View Seller Profile
At Brasegard antiques we sell authentic mark and period antique Imperial Chinese Porcelain. We are offering rare and hard to find objects mainly in Chinese porcelain. Chinese Imperial Porcelain in the best design and quality.
Global Ceramics (2 items in category) View Seller Profile
Global Ceramics specializes in English, Scandinavian and Chinese pottery and porcelain. We offer 19th c transfer printed and lustre ware as well as modernist stoneware and Qianlong.

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