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Galleria Delvecchio (1 items in category) View Seller Profile
Classical Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities a specialty. Antique ancient world art including Pre-Columbian, Chinese, art and antiques from the Far East also offered by Galleria Delvecchio.
Oceanica (0 items in category) View Seller Profile
Dealer of fine Native American Indian Jewelry, Japanese pottery and ceramics, Tribal art from New Guinea, Indonesian keris handles, some asian and oriental textiles
Outwest Ancient Artifacts (1 items in category) View Seller Profile
Outwest Ancient Artifacts, I have lived in Arizona for over 30 years and my interest is in authentic prehistoric indian artifacts, arrowheads, and pottery: Anasazi, Casas Grande, Hohokam, Chaco, Mesa Verde, Mimbres, Kayenta

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