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Antique Bronze Statue of a Hunting Pointer Dog
Antique Bronze Statue of a Hunting Pointer Dog

Mary Lou and John Finnigan

Sunnyvale, California
Santa Clara Valley
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Mary Lou and John Finnigan have enjoyed collecting American Country Antiques since the early 1960s.
John's primary interest has been in early American clocks ... and European on occasion.

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EBAY Enters Our Lives

Once Ebay™ entered the picture, both of us began buying for our collections, as well as for Resale.
Yearly trips to New England, Texas and the Southwest are very much enjoyed. always some great "finds."
We have determined that it takes 4 activities to be most successful in the buying and selling of antiques :
Having a Web Page, do one or more antique shows, have a Shop and sell and Buy on the Internet - on Ebay in particular.

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