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Asian Fine Arts from Tibet, Nepal, China, Japan and KoreaDragon's Pearl
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Flying crane above a lotus pond. Liu Yuan (Ban Yuan) Flying crane above a lotus pond. Liu Yuan (Ban Yuan)
Antique Japanese white porcelain tea pot. Ito Tozan Antique Japanese white porcelain tea pot. Ito Tozan

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Porcelain, Pottery, Stoneware, Enamel, Glass, Ivory, Hardstones, Jewelry, Lacquer, Metalwork, Paintings, Scholar Art, Sculpture, Textiles, Trade Arts
Indian Subcontinent
Himalayas, India
Porcelain, Earthenware, Stoneware, Tea Articles, Ivory, Lacquer, Okimono, Metalwork, Enamel, Swords and Related, Paintings, Devotional Objects, Sculpture, Wood, Woodblock Prints, Baskets
Ceramics, Paintings
Southeast Asian

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Porcelain, Scholar Art, Paintings, Textiles
Porcelain, Stoneware, Tea Articles, Lacquer, Okimono, Devotional Objects, Sculpture, Woodblock Prints, Baskets


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Dragon's Pearl was started in 1998 by Luciana and Henrik as a joint venture. Both have extensive experience in Asian arts and cultures including both scholarly as well as commercial aspects. They have lived and traveled extensively in all regions of South, Central and East Asia.

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About our Art Collection

The items shown here are only a small part of our extensive collection of Asian Art. The profound love and understanding of Japanese aesthetics was at the origin of our collection of 20th century to contemporary Ceramic Works of Art from Japan, Scandinavian and France. All the pieces have been carefully selected with special attention to their aesthetical, representational and historical values, and occasionally we include pieces that are strange, bizarre or otherwise out of the ordinary. As such our collection reflects our personal and subjective tastes and not that of mainstream interest.

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