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 Ivory snuff bottle, signed- Japan, circa 1920
Andrew Phillips
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Naples, Florida
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Above: Ivory snuff bottle, signed- Japan, circa 1920. Below Right: Shoulao carved from Deer antler- Qing dynasty, Zitan carving of the lohan Rahula, (Son of Buddha)- Ming dynasty , Cylindrical stone seal- Song dynasty, Hardwood brushpot- Qing dynasty, Rootwood brushrest- Qing dynasty, Inscribed ivory brush with cap- Qing dynasty, Qin shaped inkstone with lid- Ming dynasty, Tianhuang seal with black skin- Qing dynasty.
Ming Zitan Lohan, Song Chop, Qing Scholar Items

I have been collecting antiques since the late 1980's when a family friend passed on an exquisite jade snuff bottle to me that he had found in China during World War II. Since that time I have been lucky enough to meet a number of people who acquired their collections in the earlier part of the last century, as well as, a few very knowledgeable and ethical collectors who have built their collections over the last 30 years. Thanks to these individuals I have been able build a collection that I truly enjoy. Most of the items that I post on this site come from these same sources, with some exceptions that have come my way via auction or other dealers over the years. Thank you for taking the time to look, and perhaps inquire about an item. (Many of the items listed here came from the estate of my friend and mentor the late Robert Cornell of Springfield, Massachusetts. Bob was an art collector/dealer and Asian generalist with one of the largest Asian bead collections in the United States (also a friend of the late Peter Francis, author and leading bead researcher). His focus was on jade, beads, and he had an affinity for items dating from the Han dynasty and earlier. These items were acquired during his many trips to China, Tibet, and the Philippines). -Andrew


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