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In 1992, Ichiban Antiques was born and we were both buying and selling ever since. Over time, we have greatly expanded our range of Oriental and Japanese antiques to many centuries and most Asian countries. We have a particularly fine selection of Japanese lacquer items, Hirado Porcelain, Kutani Ware, Satsuma, Arita, rare and fine Gandharan Schist and Stucco Buddhist figures, Scholars Desk Articles, Japanese Studio Ceramics, Inro and Netsuke, and Chinese blanc-de-chine. Many thanks for your patronage all these years.
Starting in 2008 we began to start phasing out our business as we approached the time to retire. Now we find that we are still have 560 plus fine items to sell.These are not "cats and dogs leftovers". We have deliberately delayed listing many of our finest pieces to the end so that we could enjoy them a bit longer. So we are now taking more action - As of December 1, 2014, ALL items in our catalog are now on sale at a discount of 50 % from the Listed Price, plus shipping at cost. For multi-item purchases we can usually quote a price even a bit better than the 50 % discount.
In addition, we have now instituted a policy that 25 % of the items in our inventory carry the phrase - "Or Best Offer". These "Best Offer" items are scattered throughout the entire inventory - they are in all price ranges (from $100 to $1,500) - from many different countries - and across the full range of items from prints to ceramics to snuff bottles, etc. As each of these items are sold - we will then add another item to the "Best Offer" group. So look for the "One in Four" items where you can make us an offer below the listed price. (We do ask that you be realistic in making your offer, If an item has a List Price of $1,200 - which would be $600 after taking the 50 % discount - please do not offer $100 or a similar amount that we clearly could not accept.)
We invite you to take advantage of the 50% discount Now. We hope that you will continue to take a new look at the full catalog as we keep adding items - and that you will enjoy seeking out the One-in-Four items that are now in the "Best Offer" mode.
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