Oceanica tribal art japanese pottery
Sales Policy
All sales are final unless pre-approved as an approval. Returns only if there is a significant difference between the item purchased and the description of the item. No returns regarding authenticity without a valid statement from at least two experts who are approved by Oceanica and supporting laboratory data when laboratory tests are available. 25% restocking fee applies to all returned items or unpaid layaway items in addition to all shipping and insurance costs. Lay away payment more than 90 days past due: The item held will be subject to sale, if the item is sold for the same or more than the lay away amount the amount paid by the lay away party will be refunded minum the 25% fee. If the item is sold for less than the lay away amount, the refund will be for the amount the item was sold for minus the 25% fee. All items are shipped fully insured, damage or loss of an item will be reimbursed by shipping insurance in accord with UPS, or USPS.

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