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Anthony Lovato is well known and his work is represented in many publications and museum collections. This bracelet is tufa cast and set with a nice Royston mine turquoise. The bison seem to come alive, it is the only bracelet I have seen by him with buffalo on it. Excellent condition. Inner circumference is about 5 1/4" PLUS a 1 3/4" gap that can be carefully adjusted. Hallmarked by the artist.
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I am not sure if Matsui Kan is related to the Living National Treasure Matsui Kosei but this inlay work is really nice. This guinomi has a great lean to it, like it has had a bit too much to drink. Perfect condition signed box about 2 1/2" diameter.
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Suzuki Hideaki has won many awards for his wonderful over and under glaze porcelain, his work has been exhibited worldwide. This fine summer chawan is a premier example of his work. Perfect condition, signed by the artist and signed box. About 6 1/2" wide and 2 1/2" tall.
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Wakao was recently nominated to be a Japanese living national treasure ningen kokuho last year. He is a fantastic artist, and make beautiful rimpa shino ceramics. Some of his pieces go through 5 or 6 firings to get the entire design! This superb chawan is the best of his work. It is of flowers and a tree on a grey ( nezumi ) and red ( aka ) shino background. the flowers are done in white ( shiro ) shino and black ( kuro ) wax resist, the tree trunk is gold and silver over black wax resist...
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Approximately 15" tall this is one big vase. Tsujimura Kai is the son of Tsujimura Shiro, one of Japan's most respected potters. Kai's talent is equal to his father's!. This beautiful vase evokes images of the moon over trees in winter. Wonderful rich glaze, beautiful lip, perfect condition, just right for cha no yu tea ceremony. Signed box.