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Wakao was recently nominated to be a Japanese living national treasure ningen kokuho last year. He is a fantastic artist, and make beautiful rimpa shino ceramics. Some of his pieces go through 5 or 6 firings to get the entire design! This superb chawan is the best of his work. It is of flowers and a tree on a grey ( nezumi ) and red ( aka ) shino background. the flowers are done in white ( shiro ) shino and black ( kuro ) wax resist, the tree trunk is gold and silver over black wax resist...
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Kato Shigetaka was a very well known and highly respected Mino artist, he is most famous for his Shino works, but also did Oribe, Seto, and even Bizen. His works are in high demand. He was the third son of the famous Kato Tokuro brother of Okabe Mineo. This beautiful plate is about 9 1/2" in diameter and is a classic iris design popular in the Momoyama and early Edo periods. This piece perfectly embodies the feel and look of ancient Japan and is well suited for tea ceremony...