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This one turned out nice. All of the pieces I make are one of a kind totally hand made, so I really do not know how things will turn out until I am done. Just over 2 1/4" long and 1 1/8" wide, with a feceted garnet stone and a 22K gold accent...
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Here is another one of the pieces I have made. 22K gold and fine silver with a nice moonstone. Approx...
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Another ring that I made, cast from fine silver and 22K gold, shank is sterling. Stones are a very nice moonstone, a fine red sunstone with beautiful schiller, and a star spinel. Size 11 face is about 1 1/2" long...
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This one is a stunner. I have had it in my private collection for 15 years, and I still love it but economics force me to sell it. Size 6 1/2, no hallmarks, but I have been told by Sotheby's in 1998 that it is probably Italian, French, or other continental European...
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I purchased this from Wyndham Street Ltd. a local Asian and English antique store here in Omaha a few years ago, paid $250. The trunk is in good shape and about 21" long by about 10" by 10". Dimensions are approximate, has hand made iron latch and hinges. The age was determined by the shop, not me...
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Gerald Lomaventema has won many awards for his beautiful sand cast jewelry, especially his bolos and bracelets. This bracelet is the top of his work. I purchased it from Sedonawolf in 2005 for $2985 plus shipping. His pieces are more expensive now. Note the carved surfaces on the front and back, pieces as intricate as this can only be cast once, then the mold is no good. The turquoise is some of the nicest gem quality #8 mine that I have seen set in a hand cast gold bezel...
This is a large ring, the face measures almost 2" long. Sterling silver and marked HC and with a turtle for Mitchell Sockyma, it appears to be early work by him, he started making jewelry in 1972. Excellent condition, size 7 1/2...
Size 10, nice overlay work, abstract design. Very good condition...
This was originally sold as a horse, but I'm pretty sure it is a dog pendant and similar to work pictured in a couple of books. Inlaid with black lip pearl shell and sleeping beauty turquoise, the work is very well done. About 2" long by 1 1/2" tall, it is both a pin and a pendant, signed by the artist and marked Zuni. I think circa 1970 or earlier as she worked from 1940's till 1975. Very good condition...
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Anthony Lovato is one of the best known Native American jewelers currently working, he has won many awards and his work is published many times over. This bracelet is tufa cast and set with a really nice Royston? turquoise stone...
The experssion "cuter than a bug's ear" comes to mind ( what does a bug's ear look like ? ). These are reall sweet little guys, probably from the 1950's or 1960's. Screw backs, marked sterling. Excellent condition, about 5/8" long....
I have looked everywhere I know for the hallmark on this bracelet, looks like a bird, but not any that I can find in any of my references. Still the piece is really well done and reminds one of the Lawrence Saufkie bracelets with the same theme. The background is stippled which is an older style, so I am dating this to pre-1980. Excellent condition, 5 1/2" PLUS a 1 3/8" gap, easily adjusted. About 1+" wide....
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This beautiful coat dates from the 1950's and is fairly large for a Hmong item( fits my wife perfectly and she is about 5'6" tall and medium build ). These are made by saturating fabric with indigo until the dye forms a sort of shiny iridescent coating that is also water resistant. Then traditional patterns are sewn into the coat using various thread. These items take many hours to make, and are rarely made anymore. Excellent condition. ...
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I bought this piece over 20 years ago when I lived in Minneapolis, I took it to the Museum at the Minneapolis Institute of Art when they used to have their Sunday afternoon appraisals. The head curator of Asian art Dr, Jacobsen really liked this piece, and mentioned that they are hard to come by, he dated it to the 1890's. This type of bowl is apparently used for ceremonial offerings at buddhist temples and shrines. It is about 12" in diameter and bout 10" tall, there is some minor loss to th...
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Beautifully detailed dancing kachina, about 2 3/4" tall, excellent condition. ...
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Size 6, face is 1 1/4" long, nicely made by this well known Hopi jeweler. Hallmarked MC and HC. 1970's....
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This is a beautiful necklace. It is in the style of the work of the famous Morris Robinson, and there is a piece in the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos that is very similar. The overlay pendant is 2 3/8" wide at the widest and about 2" tall, and the cast elements are 2 3/4" long, the turquoise looks like a high grade Blue Gem piece. total length is 28" plus, very good condition with a ncie old patina, probably from the 1960's. I can not find the hallmark -- looks a bit like the snow cloud ma...
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Dan Simplicio needs no introduction, his work is well known and highly collected. This bracelet is a superb example of his work from the 1940's or so. The silver work is first class and the turquoise is nugget or seafoam style and very high grade with high polish. Inner circumference is about 5 1/2" PLUS a 1" gap ( this can be adjusted some ). Face is 2 5/8" wide, it is a large but delicate bracelet. Excellent condition with fine patina. ...