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Specialities are: Antique Japanese hanging scrolls and Vintage to Antique Japanese Tea Ceremony wares. We also provide various items found in Japan and offer them to clients here in the United States, Europe, and to the world. Please feel free to ask us a question. We also accept consignments in Japanese and Chinese antiques. Please email us to schedule an appointment.

We also can refer work for restoration of Japanese and Chinese scrolls and screens.

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All Items : Archives : Pre 1920 item #1308371
Sold Thank You; Beijing, China
Chinese Jade Mounted Brooch

Republican Period

Size: Length 5.5cm Width 3cm (Approx)

Peaches with a bird set within the foliage are the motifs that decorate the central green jade brooch. Silver is used for the mount and the mark 925 can be seen on the back.

All Items : Archives : Pre 1837 VR item #1307629
Sold Thank you; Suzhou, China
Xiwangmu and Fulushou

丁丙  Ding Bing (1833-1899)

Size: Width 96cm Height 180cm (Painting size)

Ding Bing hails from the Hangzhou/ Yangzhou region famous for its painters since the Ming dynasty. The large scroll was possibly made for the main audience hall in a large residence and such images were often commissioned to decorate the walls of the home.

All Items : Archives : Pre 1920 item #1307332
Sold Thank you. Guangdong, China
Chinese Polychrome Fencai Porcelain Vases

Republican Period

Size: Height 39cm

The pair depicts a lady with the Daoist deity fulushou playing with children. The bottom contains a Hongxian mark but may have been made after the period. One vase has a kiln error on it.