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A racoon dog or tanuki is a popular Japanese motif where on one end the tanuki is a symbol of fortune and good spirits, while on other ends it is known as an animal engaged in tricking others.

The work is titled, Tanuki Harazutsumi no Zu, or Image of Racoon Dog playing the belly drum. This image originates from a legend at Shojoji temple in the Tokyo area where tanuki were known to gather at the temple during a full moon and beat their belly-drums...

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Motif of bats were imported from China around the Edo Period or earlier incorporating the symbolism and auspicious meaning in various art works. As the Meiji period began, modernization ousted the bat, knowing that in the West the bat contained negative interpretations.

The tea bowl is done in the Seto region of Japan, one of the 6 old kilns in Japan and the largest in production overall. The painting of bats on the bowl appears to be done by an artist named Sekiso...

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Mishima, known as Buncheong in Korean, originated with the 15th-16th century Korean wares that were imported to Japan. Sen no Rikyu and other tea connoisseurs became attracted to the distinct designs seen in Mishima tea bowls and larger pieces, that these styles became the standard in the way of tea.

The work is done in Kyoto, which produces most of the Mishima wares and was made by a studio possibly by the name of Horaku, but the signature is difficult to decipher.

Age: 20th century...

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妙心寺 山田無文老師 Yamada Mumon (1900-1988)

Abbot of Myoshinji, and Shofukuji temple in Kobe Japan. Mumon was known to receive his training from Japan's noted Buddhist monks such as Hashimoto Gyoin of Yakushiji in Nara. Yamada Mumon, has inspired many individuals where Mumon was known to have tuberculosis when he was young and had suffered a lot from his illness during his training...