ShippodoShippodo 新古美術七寳堂

Osusume Recommended

Rimpa School Fan Painting of Pine.

Muromachi-Momoyama Era Sesshin Tokan Sage on Tiger

Pure Silver Reticulated Praying Mantis Jizai Myochin

Japanese Bronze Rabbit on a Ball Riding the Waves

Stone Rubbing of Angkor Wat Samudra Manthan


Antique Qing Dynasty Famille Noir Porcelain Vase

Chinese Jade Tao-Tie and Dragon Jixiangpei Carving

Vintage Chinese Jade (Jadeite) and Diamond Gold Ring

White Jade Plaque Pendant With Auspicious Animals

Pair of Republic Period Red Polychrome Dinner Plates


Qing Period Fan Painting of Peonies by Sun Zhiyue

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