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Tea Social with Japanese Hanging Scroll
Samovar Tea Lounge, Yerba Buena of SF
11/16/2011 - 11/16/2011

This is the first event that is being held by Ryosuke Ueda of Shippodo where this will be the first of a few program enrichment series in understanding the unique art of Japan through the hanging scroll while enjoying a good cup of tea. Learn more about the tradition and culture of appreciating Japanese art within an amazing environment within the city with a waterfall near the tea lounge with a bit of greenery and while you experience that zen feeling you will at the same time enter into the splendid world of appreciating and learning more of the meaning of collecting Japanese art. The literati culture began in China during the Song dynasty in the 12th century and spread to most of East Asia influencing many art forms especially tea and the hanging scroll. Ryosuke will present various styles of paintings that have survived from the 17th century onwards to the 19th century and the appeal that Japanese hanging scrolls have. Please do come to enjoy and to learn more about the hanging scroll. Since this will be the first of a series of program enrichment, the first program will be: We will listen to a presentation of short writing of collectors from the past and present and how they viewed the art of collecting paintings, especially Japanese art. As we infuse ourselves with how the collectors of the past view the art of connoisseurship, I will introduce to everyone the beauty of the Japanese hanging scroll and the meaning of collecting. To conclude our event, there will be a simple calligraphy demonstration to commemorate and enjoy art in action.

Event admission: $22 Admission comes with a pot of Japanese Green tea. Group discounts are also available for those who invite their friends! The more the merrier. ( For discounts max 2 people to keep it simple and if you wish to share your pot of tea with your friend). Location is: Samovar Tea Lounge 730 Howard Street San Francisco, CA Near Powell St. BART Parking: Nearby Parking is: Mission Street Garage Center (On Minna Street turing in from fifth)

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