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All Items : Estate Jewelry : Ethnic : Far Eastern : Pre 1920 item #1260022 (stock #T 1796)
Rare to find antique far eastern late 19th century to early 20th century Chinese green jade saddle ring that was carved from one piece of jade. It shows beautiful bright imperial green spots and a couple of dark areas, just enough to create interest. It is about 6.75 to just under 7. The top is 26 - 27 mm long and 8mm wide, while the shank at the shoulders is 8mm wide to 5mm at the narrowest. Black lighting shows transparency and bright green areas through and through...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Period : Pre 1900 item #1186888 (stock #T 1782 A - H)
Antique vintage Victorian assorted $. 3/19/13 - 18 more Victorian goldstone antique buttons added; some may be paperweight - please view all images. Circa 1880 Victorian saturated copper aventurine art glass sash ornament C catch pin brooch or 63 assorted button - includes an R. L & F Paris back, possible Leo Popper, paperweights, cobalt blue, ruby red, etc. (A) 3 1/8" brass sash ornate open work applied on pinched arts crafts oval base...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Deco : Pre 1920 item #1182122 (stock #T 1774)
Antique Arts & Crafts to Art Deco era hammered pinky sterling silver ring with a bezel set 12mm simulated apple green jade peking glass cabochon stone, likely poured to resemble apple green jade, and is marked: Sterling. The floating green glass globules are so apparent. Appears to have been sized to 3.75 a very long time ago, still the Arts & Crafts influenced hammered areas show lots of rich darkening...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Period : Pre 1910 item #1177895 (stock #T 1763)
Circa 1910 Art Nouveau brass sash pin showing the bezel set facet amber glass stones often seen on George N. Steere or GNS & CO work. While not his usual figural piece, this brooch displays the same finish, same size and color stone (25mm x 15mm), reticulated metal design, solid construction, heft and Art Nouveau lines that all scream, "look at me, I am an unsigned George Steere piece!" 2 3/4" X 1 5/8" and weighs 26 grams...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Period : Pre 1910 item #1177493 (stock #T 1762 )
Antique early maker's mark GS for George N. Steere, highly coveted and rarely found bold 3 3/4" dragon or chimera hammered Arts Craft sash ornament pin with the original C catch and stamped signed with the earliest maker's mark GS on an applied lozenge. Classic Steere with his 2 applied green eyed dragons, holding up a faceted 25mm X 15mm cognac amber color glass stone, hammered Arts Crafts convex surfaces and those "handkerchief" corners of his. The outline has a Deco butterfly ish shape...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Arts and Crafts : Pre 1920 item #1174658 (stock #T 1758)
This silver tone necklace has: Arts Crafts to machine age look, book chain bookchain necklace ending in a slotted pendant with pink ish coral Peking art glass, probably Czech made, and ending in its original old early spring ring. Because it is not sterling, it moves more into the machine age style? Icing on the cake? Practically never worn condition! 16" end to end...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Deco : Pre 1930 item #1174656 (stock #T 1757)
Earrings are the first to go! These Art Deco 12mm Peking simulated apple green jade stone art glass bead earrings on sterling silver, no less, are a must have! The green beads, probably Czech, made to resemble apple green jade, are referred by some as peking glass. The Sbs working turn wheels are stamped: Sterling...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Strands : Pre 1930 item #1174645 (stock #T 1755)
Quintessential Art Deco! 104 grams! At ~ 27", longer would be too heavy. 12mm frosted glass or crystal faceted beads resembling camphor glass, while the faceted "French jet" black beads are wafers, bicones, rhondells and 18mm discs for a very, very Art Deco look. These are wired in place; no cord here to break! Old filigree hook box clasp. Teenie flea bites ARE expected for this type of necklace and age...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Deco : Pre 1930 item #1174633 (stock #T 1753 )
1930 Bangle bracelet - Highly collectable channel set square princess table cut festive ruby red to "rhodolite", depending on the light, French paste 2mm glass stones held between serrated edges. Marked: 935 Sterling Germany. 3mm wide X3mm X 2 5/8" across interior. Beautiful detailed engraving on sides. Each stone was individually cut as seen per highly mag loupe to find square tables where only the teeniest of pin points can be seen. Very round...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Ethnic : Far Eastern : Pre 1960 item #1174562 (stock #T 1752 ABCD)
Asst'd prices. Vintage pre ban carved ivory jewelry: four bangle bracelets and two rings in assorted designs and prices. Bangles:
(A) floral/leaf 3/8" X 2 1/2" across interior - 95;
(B) 14K gold twist 1/4" X 2 3/8" - 85;
(C) smooth 1/4" X 2 1/2" - 75;
(D) Herringbone twirl 5mm x 2 1/2" - 75.
Twist Rings 59/ea:
(A) Dome 1/2" sz 6;
(B) 14K gold double 1/4" sz 6.5.
All show natural grain Schreger lines and are mellow vintage ivory color...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Ethnic : Far Eastern : Pre 1950 item #1174552 (stock #T 1751)
Pre ban ivory puzzle ball earrings intricately carved outer. 2 layers to wear with your vintage ivory necklaces. Outer puzzle ball is 5/8" or 17mm across x 1 1/2" north to south. Good working turn wheels w/ a top button of 7/16" across. Very nice vintage condition. Please collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials, then view all extreme close up images for more info, as all Qs will be answered here in lieu of email reply.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Ethnic : Far Eastern : Pre 1920 item #1174545 (stock #T 1750)
Six vintage glass bangle bracelets. Cross collectible for Far Eastern Peking Bejing Chinese art glass bangle collectors who love the happy clinking sounds that glass makes! Assorted

(A) 2 semi translucent blue ($59 Each) ;
(B) Orange opaque w/ yellow red green white embedded $59;
(C) Green opaque ish resembling malachite, may indeed have malachite pieces embedded $59;
(D) 2 for price of 1 golden bamboo looking, 2/$59 pair. How they clink! Images tell dimensions

Make these y...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Cufflinks and Accessories : Pre 1930 item #1173873 (stock #T 1749)
Auction and S/H/I info below;
Circa 1860 to early 20th century lustrous mother of pearl MOP cuff links or cufflinks 4 piece lot that are still so wearable today. Cuff Links descriptions seen starting clockwise:
(A) Antique ecru color mother of pearl made with buttons splashing beautiful shades of lavender, turquoise, pinks, reds on cut corner squares with carved sides and showing alpha embedded metal shanks. Measuring at .5" / 12mm
(B) 1930 ish white round MOP encased in silver to...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Pre 1930 item #1173857 (stock #T 1747)
Special duo price available. Circa 1930 necklace with a 2 1/2" round medallion pendant decorated with an applied floral leaf ornament containing 3 prong set green glass stones resembling agate or chrysoprase. Neck: 26" overhead 4mm chain. The ring holding a 23mm x 15mm X 5mm high oval poured green glass cab and held by 25+ fleur de lis prongs is a 6. These delightful little brass rings rarely survive in such a good condition. Take both for $89 w/ USA ck or USPS MO. Please collect with con...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Costume : Unsigned : Pre 1920 item #1173852 (stock #T 1746)
Circa 1910 highly collectible Jelly Opal art glass stick pin flashing sparkly blue and red! This art glass is also known as "dragon's breath" or "Mexican jelly opal glass" and often erroneously sold as saphiret. These cabs have been popular from Victorian to Art Deco to Mid Century times. This one is of the early variety in that at a 90 degree angle approach, it shows a sandy color, until moved back and forth to flash the rich blues and orangey reds! The bezel set 15mm x 7mm art glass cab i...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Costume : Unsigned : Pre 1940 item #1173842 (stock #T 1745)
Vintage butterfly wing earrings in lush blue morpho lavender hues encased under a convex glass dome. The aqua to brick color change is the reason these are often erroneously referred to and sold as saphiret glass! 5/8" gold star in the center. Just under 1 7/8" across w/ perfectly working turn wheels. Appear to have been barely worn. Please collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials, then view all extreme close up images for more info, as all Qs w...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1159926 (stock #T 1741)
Reply below: Please click image for more info at end of description. Smart animal print tortoise like pattern belt bangle expandable bracelet signed: RL, Polo mark and 93 impressed on what appears to be heavily silver plated "belt end metal part". The 93 could be the style #. 5/8" wide and expands to an oval of 2 1/2" across X 2 1/16". If not happy, please exchange.

$10 USPS priority/Ins/Track or free with USA Ck or USPS MO.
Please collect with confidence after reviewing the doze...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Scandinavian : Pre 1970 item #1155950 (stock #T 1740)
Circa 1970 Danish clean classic floral earrings signed: Sterling Denmark N. E. From for Neils Erik From of Denmark. 1 1/4" five petal flower with 5 ball motif. Large comfortable clips. 13 grams on postal scale, super condition and need a good polishing. Decades of rich darkening! Please collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials, then view all extreme close up images for more info, as all Qs will be answered here in lieu of email reply.