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All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Uniforms : Pre 1900 item #317809 (stock #T 913)
Mimi Dee Artwear
2nd SOLD 4/09; Thank you for your Testimonial! 1st Sold 3/05. Collector wrote, '...outstanding service...delightful experience...'
2nd button now SOLD. Good Triple Cross Collectible, appealing to Militaria, Victorian black bog oak & Button collectors. 1" "Canada Militia" Button showing areas of shiny patina in high relief areas where one would expect. See image #3 for 2nd button - this one SOLD as well.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Specialty : Tobacco : Pre 1920 item #1150206 (stock #T 1738)
Art Deco rose gold plated cigar cheroot cutter fob with maker's mark of Bates & B (for Bacon) and patent dated: Mar. 28, 1916. Does that look like a bat to you? Opening is 7mm allowing a pencilsize cigar. 1 3/8" (includes loop) X 1". Very nice vintage condition. MIN purchase is $59 - may combine to meet minimum...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Decorations : Holiday : Ornaments : Pre 2000 item #426454 (stock #T 1351 )
As seen in Neiman Marcus, Horchow, Saks holiday catalogs these ornaments script signed: "Lalique R France" as follows: Available A)Green (cool shade) berry holly motif marked NOEL 1990 @ lower edge; B) Teal same motif is dated 1989; FREE Lalique Box when taking both! C) SOLD Green (warm pine shade) was 1992. Each is 2 5/8" across and 1/4" thick. Wear them as pendants...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Nostalgia : Fashion : Accessories : Pre 1980 item #1254887 (stock #T 1795)
Earrings of lush delicious natural butterscotch amber with swirls of egg yolk framed in gold on sterling filigree caps / ear hooks. Each big butterscotch bead is approximately 18 - 19 mm X 15mm. In the past this size is usually 4 grams of antique amber for both. With a loupe tiny end drills marks can be seen normal for this very desirable natural gemstone. North to South 2 1/2" and one wire is marked: sterling yet has a very nice rich golden finish that looks to be least 20 karat gold...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1940 item #1180042 (stock #T 1773)
One dozen, 92 grams of dark metal eagle WWI or WWII World War, 1 1/8" uniform buttons by: Horstmann, Scovill, Myers, Liebmann, American Co, City Works. Officer? Army? Bronze? promo. Please collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials, then view All extreme close up images for more info, as all Qs will be answered here in lieu of email reply.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Nostalgia : Fashion : Accessories : Contemporary item #569648 (stock #T 1502)
ALL METAL IS 18K GOLD. Precious metals keep going up! Antique faceted 13mm & 5mm rich red cherry beads - that passed the amber electrostatic and acetone test - and precious new fine 18K Gold were used to make these drop earrings. This season's must have red pair of earrings suspends 1.5" and oh how the light travels through as it should. Please note that second picture shows this...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Nostalgia : Jewelry : Pre 1930 item #603899 (stock #T 1550)
The ornate metal stations and fluted beads resemble and are most likely the silver work of Boston's Peruzzi or Parenti, but are coupled with vintage carved Chinese amethyst gemstone beads displaying the lucky signs carved in place, making these an unusual special pair to wear with either your vintage Peruzzi or Chinese jewelry wardrobe . The 9 - 10mm carved lucky Amethyst bead, one slightly smaller than the other, and sterling silver earrings are 3 1/4" N to S...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Specialty : Tobacco : Pre 1920 item #1121839 (stock #T 1729)
Circa 1900. Not often found Art Nouveau lady motif in a cheroot or cigar leather case. The lady is holding up a lily over her head and does not have the usual flowing hair, but what appears to be a bob with a fringe? Early 20's? Promo. She is not quite nude, though her pelvic region is rather defined, but wearing a scoop neck, cap sleeve, long dress that hugs then flows around her feet. Where are the bosoms? Much confusion here. Still tres Art Nouveau era...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Nostalgia : Jewelry : New item #672999 (stock #T 1578)
Purists: No buttons were harmed in the making of these earrings in a USA studio and signed: MIMI DEE STERLING. Only One like this! Circa 1900 lush lavender tinted Victorian Silver Luster 7mm pictorial floral buttons, lavender dyed faceted fresh water pearls and peridot were used. Total 1 7/8". Please collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials then view all extreme closeup images for more info as all Qs will be answered here in lieu of email reply...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Nostalgia : Fashion : Accessories : Contemporary item #1066933 (stock #T 1711)
3 pc set. Vintage cherry red faceted beads that passed the friction electrostatic acetone amber test with new "lattice work" 22K gold vermeil on sterling pendant and earring components. These pass the electrostatic and acetone amber test, are brilliant and light as they should be! Includes a new 1/20 14K* (high American standard) 20" chain. Beads: one 20mm X 15mm and two 10mm each. See images for more info...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Specialty : Sewing : Buttons : Pre 1910 item #1005268 (stock #T 1707 A,B,C)
6 Asst'd $ specials, Titles: Last Supper - hand or transfer painted ceramic on metal, surrounded by paste stones - see Image 11 for more info. Madonna & Child, Lillian Russell, Evangeline, Victorian Hand, Statue of Liberty motifs, please view all images...