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Sold-Lost in London P.O.
MUGHAL AXE, India 18th century. Blade - shaped in crescent moon, the copper-gilt haft with embossed pattern of floral motifs composite by gems or crystal, green and pink colours within ogival cartouches, a small dagger in the interior. Blade opposite, on the heel there are two tigers pursuing an elephant. Long: 48 cm. Weight: 940 gm.+++These pictures don not show the real magnificence of the piece, at natural the axe is guilt with bright yellow gold 22K...
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Praying silver wheel. Material: Silver and wood. Tall: 33 cm. In Tibetan Buddhism, a mechanical device used as an equivalent to the recitation of a mantra. The prayer wheel consists of a hollow metal cylinder, often beautifully embossed, mounted on a rod and containing a consecrated paper bearing a mantra. Each turn of the wheel by hand is considered equivalent to orally reciting the prayer...