Ancient Eyes
About Us
ANCIENT EYES is the culmination of nearly 40 years of travel, searching for and accumulating old paintings, Asian art and antiques from many different cultures and periods. During that time we have collected primarily for ourselves and culled our extensive collection through sales at auctions, antique shows and even antique flea markets on occasion.

As we approach retirement age, we have decided to simplify our lives. Currently our art and Asian antiques collections have grown until they somehow now number into the thousands. We will be adding many of these to our Trocadero website: "ANCIENT EYES" and will occasionally offer some of these on Ebay. We still do occassional antique shows or markets in Southern California. Based in Bonsall, California, we no longer maintain a brick and morter store as we did 25 years ago. In addition, we do not sell directly from our home for both security and insurance reasons.

We are, however, happy to respond to any questions or comments at our current email address:


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