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I am currently working on a illustrated book on Totemic Jade Carvings from the Neolithic or Stone Age in Asia. It has been a work in process for a few years now and I hope to have it ready for publication later this year.

It will incorporate about 800-900 full color photos of antique totemic jades that have never been published.

For those who may be interested in receiving advance notice when the book is actually available, please send me an email and you will be added to the mailing list. There is no obligation to buy anything. You will be notified when the published edition is actually ready to be shipped. A later, digital edition will also be available for sale. Purchasers of the printed edition will receive a free download of the digital edition when it is available.

Thanks again to all of my regular customers for their continued support and suggestions. Both are greatly appreciated.

William Brooks (ancienteyes)(

A few example pages from my unpublished Totemic Jade Book may be seen at our Ancient-Eyes Website. Look for the Jade Book links at the following links:


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