Ancient Eyes

How do I make payment?

There are a number of services that allow the buyer to make payment using their credit card or bank account. We use Paypal ( because it is free to the buyer and allows them to use checks and all major credit cards. Our ID name with Paypal is, which is also our email address. Using this service allows us to ship out your purchase quickly, without having to wait for checks to clear. Click on the Paypal Logo and follow the instructions. It's easy!

What guarantee of authenticity do I have?

Every item that we sell is guaranteed to be exactly as described by us. All purchases can be returned if you notify us within ten business days for a full refund, if not as described. Beyond the ten day period, any item can be returned if found to be incorrectly attributed when accompanied by a written appraisal by a current member of any nationally recognized appraisal association. The appraiser must be qualified in the specific category of art or antiquity into which your purchase falls.

How do you determine your price?

We base our offering price on a number of factors. Usually the prime factor is comparables. Using our extensive library of art and antique reference books and current auction listings and sales, we are usually able to determine what similar items have actually sold for in the near and distant past (some one of a kind items do not come onto the market on a regular basis). In addition we maintain contact with many specialists in our fields of interest to help "fill in the blanks" with regard to actual value. As always, we try to keep our prices well below the current market: something we can usually accomplish, having acquired a large portion of our collections over many years. We have found, from experience, that better quality art or antiques tend to hold their value or increase dramatically, when held over a period of years.

Do you have additional for sale that are not shown on your website?

LOTS OF THEM!! Our current collections encompass approximately 6500 jade items alone. We also have hundreds of old original paintings, along with many other antique Asian items in bronze, ceramics, pottery, ivory, lacquer, and old silver. We currently have about 200+ listed here on Trocadero and a comparable number available on Ebay( ID: ancient-eyes). Our hope is to add many more items as time allows. Emails with specific requests or interest listings will be responded to ASAP. We do maintain a computer based want list for customers, but only if the customer "wants" us to do so.


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