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Ancient Eyes

This is an original gunpowder horn or flask from Germany (Bavaria?) or Low Countries - Circa 1580-1650 (late 16th to middle 17th century).

It is made of flattened cow horn and engraved on both sides. One side has a hunting scene and the other has a pattern of concentric circles.

It measures 12 inches end to tip and about 4 inches wide at the back end. It is flattened and measures 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches in depth.

It is in good condition overall, but there is a wooden butt plate on the back end. There are also minor cracks and losses as should be expected of a 400+ year old artifact..

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Ancient Eyes

This Mogul India or Persian silver inlaid dagger and matching sheath has a figural rams's head motif.

The dagger is covered overall with beautifully inlaid designs of leaves and interwoven line motifs in silver inlaid on iron/steel.

It dates to the Mogul Period in India or possibly Persia in the 18th-19th century. This is one piece from a small collection of Middle Eastern weapons (see last photo).

It is in outstanding condition with one small break in the silver inlay; possibly an old repair to the scabbard.

The blade has an unusual patterning on it, somewhat similar to the type of designs seen on Samurai swords caused by the constant folding of the steel upon itself when producing the blade. The blade may be old Damascus Steel.