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This outstanding silver beaker measures 4 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter at the lip of the cup.

It is in excellent condition. It shows a few small repairs around the rim but they are extremely minor and to be expected on a piece of this age with so much hand detailing on it. It is covered overall with chiseled or engraved design motifs. There are eight panels with repeating leaf and floral designs.

Although we are labeling this as an Asian silver beaker, the style of the designs used leads us to believe that this could just as easily be a very old European beaker.

There are no hallmarks or country of origin marks on this wonderful old beaker.

We are dating this old silver beaker to the 18-19th Century, but it may actually be older. It is, of course guaranteed to be silver ( between .800-.950 in purity).

Ancient Eyes

This antique Tibetan Conch shell horn is covered with chased and engraved silver patterns, including bird, animal and plant motifs. It is also covered with hundreds of pieces of Tibetan turquoise in an wonderfully detailed pattern. It measures about 9 1/2 inches in length and about 4 inches in diameter. It is relatively heavy due to all of the chased silver and stone work.

It dates from the 18th century and also has silver and coral cabachons in a traditional three point design.

It is in excellent condition, except for a small crimp in the silver below the bird (see closeup photo).

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This silver teapot measures 8 inches tall(to top of handle) by about 6 inches at it's widest point (to tip of spout). The circular body of the teapot alone measures about 5.5 inches without the spout.

It dates to the early 20th Century in China.

It has finely a finely detailed long leaf and floraf motif engraving on one side.

It also has 19 Chinese characters in what appears to be a poem on the opposite side.

It also has additional floral engraving on the lid surmounted by a small finial.

It has a Chinese silver mark on it's base( see photo).

It weighs a little over 15 troy ounces

It's condition is overall very good, but there is a bit of stippling ( slightly bumpy) on a portion of the floral engraving and a tiny damage spot on the lid (see the closeup photo).

It appears to have the original wrapping on the handle.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Pre 1900 item #100719 (stock #TR0164)
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This antique copper bowl with a solid silver liner measures 4 inches tall by 9 inches in diameter. The copper bottom is covered with alternating plant and figural engravings.

It dates to the 18th-19th century in Tibet or Nepal.

It is in excellent condition with one shallow, thumb sized indentation near one of the figures (see enlargement photo).

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This antique worked silver and coral pendant with hanging loop dates from the late 19th to early 20th century in Tibet or Nepal.

It measures 53 mm long by 15 mm in diameter.

It consists of a piece of natural, undyed red coral covered with two ends of finely worked silver. This is .900+ pure silver and guaranteed as such.

It weighs .98 troy ounces (about 30 grams).

The black spots in the coral are natural imperfections in the stone and do not detract from the stone. Quite the opposite-they help to verify it's authenticity.

All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1920 item #828719
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This antique necklace consists of large (35 mm diameter) carved silver beads mixed with large (20 mm -25 mm diameter) Tibetan turquoise beads and finished with finely detailed silver end caps.

The large silver beads have carved auspicious symbols on them. The silver beads are hollow, but also thick and substantial. They were created in two pieces and put together at the widest point of the bead. They are hand tooled and, although unmarked ( as is a lot of silver from this area) they are of high quality (.800-900 or better). Full return privileges otherwise.

We estimate it to date primarily to the period of 1880-1920.

It is in excellent condition and weighs (both silver and turquoise) about 190 grams (over 6 troy ounces). It measures about 19 inches (48 mm) long stretched out end to end. This short strand with make an impressive choker.

NOTE: Our photos of the silver appear darker than they actually are. The silver is actually a nice even silver tone, not dark as if stored for some time. Not cleaned, just a lighter tone than the photos appear to be.

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It measures 7 1/2 inches long by 4 inches in diameter.

It has finely detailed silver work with leaf, bird and animal motifs. It also has mounted on it nine old turquoise and coral cabachons.

This antique conch horn appears to have been handled for generations as can be seen by the overall even wear on the heavy repousse silver detailing.

Conch horns are one of the earliest types of wind instruments . They have been used to make sound offerings in religious rites for hundreds of years. The conch shell is also one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism and is an integral part of many monastic rites and ceremonies.

Insured delivery is included within the United States.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1930 item #132865 (stock #TR0222)
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This outstanding Chinese Silver Incense Burner measures 9 inches tall by 6.25 inches wide (handle to handle).

It is covered with highly detailed calligraphic symbols and a central engraved shield, bordered by a flying crane and fan symbols on alternate sides.

It stands on three elongated fu lion legs with paw feet.

The cover is surrounded by pierced leaf and flower decoration surmounted by an elephant with an engraved chow symbol topped by an apple green jade cabachon.

There is also a Chinese silver mark on the underside of the base.

The censor sits on a custom carved lotus shaped wooden base (4.5 inch diameter by 2 inches tall)

This silver censor is in outstanding condition except for one slight crimp in one of the handles which may need to be repaired for strength. (It does not affect it's appearance at all). IT IS GUARANTEED TO BE AT LEAST .925 PURE SILVER, IF NOT BETTER!

All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Ethnic : Far Eastern : Pre 1920 item #790516
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This antique Chinese filagree silver bracelet with rectangular barrel shaped jadeite insets measures 7 inches long (opened flat) by about one inch in width.

We estimate it's inside diameter when closed to be two inches across.

It is set with five rectangular jadeite cabachons with colors ranging from very pale green to a bright apple green to an emerald green in areas. These stones have a great deal of clarity or translucency to them. Stones with these colors are usually found set individually in custom made gold rings, rather than in an antique silver setting. The buyer will not be disappointed.

We estimate the bracelet to date circa 1900-1920.

The finely wrapped silver wire which forms most of the bracelet retains a large portion of it's original gilding on the front. The gilding has worn down to the silver on the reverse where it came into contact with skin for over 100 years, but the fine quality of the silver and the tight patterns remain.

It is in excellent condition, which is surprising, given that it was worn for about a century.

It has a small flat silver touch mark with "Chin Silver" on it, which may have been added later as it is not up to the quality of workmanship apparent on the rest of the bracelet.

All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1930 item #560183
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Sold to Sweden

This Chinese filigree bracelet dates to the early 20th Century about 70- 80 years ago.

It is gilded silver with five wire wrapped sections holding cabachons of turquoise that could be described as Persian turquoise in a pale sea foam green color. It measures 6 3/4 inches in length by 3/4 inch across.

It is in excellent condition with most of the original gilding intact. It is marked silver on the clasp and still retains it's security chain. Four of the five turquoise cabachons are perfectly matched with one just slightly darker, but it appears to be original and not a replacement.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Pre 1940 item #725320
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This Indonesian solid silver bowl measures approximately eight inches in diameter by 4 1/2 inches in height. It weighs about 600 grams or 20 ounces.

It is covered all over with heavy repousse scenes from the life of Hanuman: The Monkey God. One scene show him speaking to a crowd of his followers. The other is a fierce battle scene with many combatants, along with chariots drawn by a horse and a mythological beast.

The level of craftsmanship on this bowl is outstanding. It is not at all overstating to describe this as museum quality.

It dates from the late 19th century through the early 20th century.

It is in outstanding condition with a nice patina over most of the exterior.

It is marked and signed on the bottom within a circle set within a fluted star pattern (see the close up photograph).

All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1960 item #895167
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This ornately detailed silver necklace in the form of two pairs of opposing dragons, each one chasing a "pearl"; represented by a flat mounted turquoise gem set in silver.

The dragon chasing a pearl has a long history in Asian iconography. It represents the eternal search for wisdom or knowledge.

This necklace is in excellent condition and has a great deal of hand tooled details throughout. The dragons are three dimensional and well formed with added details.

It also has two flat oval turquoise cabachons along with an old coral cabachon, all mounted in silver.

It measures about 5 to 5.25 inches in diameter and has a circumference of about 14-15 inches.

It weighs about 3.32 troy ounces (103 grams) and this unmarked piece is between .800-.925 pure silver.

All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1980 item #1096611
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This is an outstanding necklace and pendant combination.

It was fashioned of silver, turquoise and other gemstones, cut and inlaid into an exceptional piece of jewelry.

The pendant was created out of sterling silver as were all of the other gemstone mountings and fittings.

The center pendant is a Tibetan "om" or "aum" symbol created out of mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, and coral mounted in silver.

The necklace consists of silver mounted turquoise, with additional beads of turquoise, coral, and patterned Tibetan agate.

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This antique copper and silver lidded jar or box measures 6 3/4 inches tall by 6 inches in diameter.

The copper and silver lid is covered with repeating patterns, auspicious symbols and tiny cabachons in turquoise and coral.

The lid is topped by a large (24mm) turquoise bead giving the appearance of a small globe of the earth. In addition, it has four silver shield shapes with large inset carved jades that may represent the four directions (North, South, East, West).

It dates from the late 19th to early 20th century in Tibet or Nepal.

It is in excellent condition with a nice even patinas on the both the copper and silver areas.