Rare and unusual antiques from the Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco periods.
Important antique furnishings for the home and for executive or corporate offices.

Antique furniture by Antiquarian Traders

Mark Slotkin
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The Great Treasure Hunt Continues. Somewhere within our catalogue is a unique gem waiting to be discovered. It could be a small but delicate piece of silver plate or a massive dining set. It matters not. The pursuit of beauty and the excitement of its eventual capture will be fondly remembered for years to come. What is important is the pleasure the prize brings you. The renewal of our faith in craftsmanship, design, and the beauty of human work is our reward, and that is what encourages us to continually search for the rare and unusual.

Collecting offers a thread from the tapestry of our past and a bridge to the future. If we allow our culture to be discarded and lost forever, what will become of our glorious Heritage? It is our aim to reclaim pieces from our wondrous past and make them usable.

Our in-house shop specializes in restoration as well as custom modifications to suit your individual needs. Beautiful bed suites become practical because we can expand them to king size, ornate cabinets can be converted to entertainment centers, and sideboards can be transformed into bars. There really is nothing we are not prepared to tackle in order to fulfill our customer's desires.

Our inventory contains over 10,000-museum quality pieces-the finest examples of 19th and early 20th century. If you cannot find your piece in this catalog, it is still likely we have it. We have a sophisticated computer system that can provide pictures and a measurement to assist with your telephone inquires. We are able to e-mail your requests the same day we get them. Be sure to check out our website at www.AntiquarianTraders.com for updates.

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