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My layaway program is extremely flexible and it has helped many collectors add dolls, or other lovely pieces, to their collections using these convenient terms. I take the total amount of your purchase and divide it by how many months YOU believe it will take you to pay your item in full. A payment is expected EVERY month on your layaway program. Other than that I am very easy about working with fellow collectors on layaway's, as my main objective is to find my dolls and accessories wonderful new homes.

Please understand, however, that a layaway item is a non-refundable purchase.


1. PLAN DURATION: As a buyer you may decide how much you can afford to pay each month. That is divided by your total purchase price for equal monthly payments. Shipping and insurance is added into at your last payment made.

2. PAYMENT FREQUENCY: A payment must be received every month for the duration of your layaway.***

3. RETURNS: Only if the item is not as described.

4. CANCELLATION: No refunds on cancellations.

***Please note: I am easy to work with as long as you stay in communication with me if there is a problem with making your monthly payment. I understand that things happen in life and I always try to work with fellow collectors. However, if payments are missed on your layaway, and I have no communication from you, your layaway will be cancelled. Layaway's are non-refundable.


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