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Antique Doll Treasures
Here for your buying consideration is an unusual vintage set of miniature furniture made from the craft of "can quilling".

This decorative craft began during the Great Depression in the 1920's when people found ways to re-purpose just about everything, and continued through the early 1970's. Paper quilling is still quite popular today with crafty artists using glue and paper.

This set is perfect for all bisque dolls...

Antique Doll Treasures
SOLD - Here for your buying consideration is a large size antique crystal chandelier for a large dollhouse or a fashion vignette.

This piece measures 8-inches in length down to the tip of the bottom crystal. It has lovely coloring with the arm beads giving it some nice shades of blue colors! The perfect complimentary coloring for our dolls!

I believe the dark blue, light blue and clear crystals of the arms are not original to the piece, yet are older...