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All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Quilts : Pre 1910 item #1159129 (stock #CQC-134)
Antiques from Home
This quilt is made of cotton fabrics, some 19thc, including black on red prints, chintz, checks and bandana prints. It was found in Indiana, made no later than 1910. It is constructed of blocks with a red fabric in the center of each block, and that plus limiting the colors to red, black, blue and tan unifies the whole piece. The embroidery done with cotton threads is excellent but as can be seen in the last photo the maker apparently ran out of the heavier thread and stitched three blocks with ordinary thread. The backing is flannel; front and back are tied together and the batting is thick. Measurements are 78 by 70 inches.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Quilts : Pre 1910 item #1157565 (stock #CQC-136)
Antiques from Home
A charming version of Flower Basket in red, yellow and green solid fabrics with pink calico binding. The quilt measures 72 by 68 inches and was found in southern Indiana. It was made circa 1900 and has a charming oops - the triangles making up one basket were sewn in the wrong direction. This design has two rows of baskets facing eachother so they would look upright from the foot of the bed or if one were lying in bed. All hand sewn of cotton fabrics, in very good condition with no fraying or tears but a few spots where the color was bleached out and some tiny rusty spots.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Quilts : Pre 1920 item #1157378 (stock #CQC-109)
Antiques from Home
All hand-sewn in a charming pattern, the red and white quilt was made in upstate New York circa 1910. It is all hand sewn and densely quilted. Some of the motifs are a little off kilter and there is a small old patch in the border, near a faded area (see the last picture). Otherwise the quilt is in excellent condition. Measurements are 82 by 64 inches.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Accessories : Pre 1900 item #1006975 (stock #PAP-206)
Antiques from Home
A fern ware thread holder covered in printed brown paper and made in Scotland circa 1860, measuring three inches in diameter. The inside lid carries an advertisement for John Clark Junior & Company spool cotton that is in mint condition. There are four spindles inside to hold thread, which would be drawn through the bone grommet labeled with the appropriate size for that thread. The grommets are labeled 40, 50, 60 and 70, with the bone piece for fifty missing. Otherwise in excellent condition, with a tiny loss of paper at the top of one seam, and significant wear on the bottom. The spindles may have been re-glued at some time.