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Athena Crowley
I am excited about presenting to other doll collectors the vintage and collectible dolls, accessories, clothing, and related items that make collecting so much fun.

I live in an area of no humidity and no big bad bugs, so dolls and their clothing are preserved well here.

I love to find vintage dolls from the 1950's and 1960's that I played with as a child and pass them on to someone who "lost" theirs along the way. Dolls have happy memories of innocent years of play and "mothering". I loved my Muffie and Ginny and their Strombecker furniture. I enjoyed playing with my Alexander Cissette doll, and my Mattel Skipper.

I am particular about cleanliness and try to find dolls with original clothing as much as possible.

I am a doll collector who sometimes sells some to buy others. My favorites are the antique bisque, and most specifically the Kestner dolls.

I believe in honesty and integrity, good photos, and detailed descriptions. I am very conscientious and will do my best to offer great dolls and excellent service.

I hope to offer you a wide variety of options, as my collection itself covers the years from the 1850's china dolls to the modern doll artists that appeal to me.

I will begin with mostly vintage dolls from the 1930's-1970. I have a number of composition, hard plastic, and vinyl dolls with names like Alexander, Arranbee, Ideal, Effanbee, Mattel, American Character, Vogue, and Uneeda among others. I will also offer antique doll parts, clothing from antique to the 1960's, furniture, dishes, and other accessories like shoes and hats, purses, and muffs. I have some special and limited artist dolls like Helen Kish and Xenis dolls that I will be offering also.

Well, here begins a new venture or adventure. How fun!

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Growing up with two brothers and no sisters, my dolls were loved and played with a lot. My Nana lived with us, and she was my doll enthusiast. She made doll clothes for all my babies and girls and sometimes matching aprons for me out of the same materials. We played dolls together and had tea parties, and she told me stories about her childhood china dolls.

My other grandmother lived in Tacoma, Washington and was the founder and president of a lace study club. She collected anything with lace (like antique baby bonnets and christening gowns), and she studied fashions and materials. She still had her childhood doll, Esther (she was really a Kestner Daisy) and a old trunk with her name and 1909 written inside. In this truck were lots of beautiful frocks her mother made for Esther. There were silk dresses, beautiful cotton ones with lace, hats, coats, shoes, and even a tiny curling iron and Bible.

Trips to my grandparents as a child and sitting in awe on the wood floor looking at her antique china and bisque dolls created a love for that era of dolls. Grandmother had dressed them entirely in appropriate styles and materials. My grandfather made hoops and bustles for two of the chinas and built a wonderful fireplace for the antique ladies. These fortunate ladies had antique furniture to scale, and all kinds of wonderful accessories.

I received my last play doll when I turned 13. Giggles still remains in her box--mint and never removed because that year I began collecting my own antique dolls.

It happened this way-- my mom traded a juicer (she was a nutritionist and sold them) to a lady for some dolls, as the lady didn't have the money and needed the raw juice for her arthritis. Mom didn't care about dolls, so afterwards put an ad in the paper to sell them. However, I begged to keep them, and mom told me I could pick one. I had a hard time deciding between Maria and Susie (I had already named them), but finally picked Maria. Next Christmas I opened my gifts and there was Susie! I was so happy I cried. Mom realized I did love them and regretted selling the rest. So, she began looking for old dolls for me. Within a couple years I had an antique china which I adored because it was like my grandmother's dolls (I loved the smell of the kid body), a bisque Kestner baby 257 in a flannel rabbit outfit, some hard plastic dolls (including Toni and R & B), and various older foreign dolls (mom and I split the cost of this collection, as I only had half the amount in my allowance savings).

My dolls went with me when I married at 18, and a little over a year later I had a real baby doll of my own. I also happened upon a doll show in the area I lived in. I began learning about the dolls I had, and the ladies invited me to a doll club meeting. That was 1974 and I was hooked!

Since I was a stay at home mom, with another baby in 1975, I had to be creative to buy dolls. I was thankful for the doll people and shops that allowed layaways. I cleaned houses, babysat other babies, and did everything I could think of to earn my own doll money.

In about 1975, I went to my first UFDC regional convention. I have been to many since, and have enjoyed entering my dolls in competition.

Oh, buy the way, I took out a loan and bought all my grandmother's old dolls, trunk, clothes, accessories, and even the christening gowns and bonnets after she passed away. I paid that off, willingly selling a number of dolls I had already collected to own those precious to me dolls. I arranged them in an antique case in the same settings as grandmother had. Oh, and I did find one more of the dolls my mother sold when I was 13. I paid about four times what mom sold it for--but oh well, I had her again, so I was happy. Dolls make me happy. I hope that the ones I sell will make you happy too!

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