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I am a doll (and everything related to dolls) lover and collector. I sell some to buy some, as I am hopelessly addicted to the thrill of new dolls in my collection :).

I have wonderful childhood memories of playing with my dolls, and still have most of them. I began collecting dolls at age 13, which is when I got my first antique dolls.

I joined a UFDC doll club in 1974, and went to my first UFDC regional convention in 1975. There I fell in love with a beautiful mystery bisque turned head doll. I was able to purchase her for the exact $100.00 I had saved from babysitting and cleaning houses (thanks to a lovely dealer who included the tax).

I bought every doll or doll related item I could find for many years, then began upgrading my collection to my favorites and my developed focus.

I am very excited about having a shop on Doll Shops United. This is a new venture for me, although I have sold on Ebay for a number of years and have 494 ratings and 100% score.

I am very conscientious and dedicated to doing an excellent job of presenting my dolls and items with good pictures and detailed descriptions. I also take the time to pack them carefully for their travel to your home.

My dedication is that of excellence and honesty as a doll dealer.

Feel free at any time to ask questions about my dolls or related items or to give me more information that I may not know about an item I list in my shop. Learning is a life long experience, and I certainly do not claim to know everything about all types of dolls and items.

I will start fairly slowly in putting things on, as this is a big learning curve for me. So please keep checking back to my shop.

You are also welcome to contact me with requests you may have. I might just have what you are looking for.

Thank you for visiting my shop!


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