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I am willing to offer layaway on a purchase of $295.00 or more.
If you find something you cannot purchase outright and wish to put it on layaway, please contact me and we will agree on a regular monthly payment for a maximum of a three month period.
The initial payment will be due within 7 days. Payments will be due on either the 15th or the 30th of each month and may be sent through Paypal or by check. Checks should be mailed so that they are received by the due date.
When a payment is received, I will contact you with your remaining balance and acknowledgement of payment.
Shipping will be added to the final payment.
Once terms are agreed on, payments must be on time and for the correct amount.

Payments that are 30 days in arrears will be deemed as a failed layaway. A shop credit will be issued for the amount paid to date, and the credit will be valid for a 3 month period.

On completed layaways, the return policy stated above will apply, except that a shop credit will be issued instead of a refund. Refunds will only be issued if there is a discrepancy in the description that has a significant affect on the value of the item. The shop credit will be valid for a 6 month period.


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