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I have seen only one related cup like this, similar in size with two legs and described as a mortar, which they might well be, for there is some wear to the bottoms of the bowls, but they would require light handling of the pestle. I term mine a chalice, for the worn carved motif at the top of each leg could be interpreted as a Dove of Peace, but somehow I do not think so. Approximately seven inches tall and 4-1/2 to 4-3/4 inches in diameter. New England, Seventeenth to Eighteenth Centuries.
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Picasso made wonderful toys for his children out of found objects; this one by a Native American probably would have delighted him. Fashioned from the jawbone of a caribou and baleen (whalebone}, it is delightfully sculptural. Some wear to the lower points, naturally, but no cracks or breaks. Probably around 1900-1920. Approximately 14-1/2 inches long by 4-1/2 inches wide in largest point.