Avery Art and Antiques
Elegant Carving Aid - Antique Manche-a-Gigot
Giant Covered Wassail Bowl
Impressive Chinese Silver Dressing Set
Elegant Pair Geo II Sterling Berry Spoons
Scrimshaw P-O-W Cribbage Set
Nautical Treen Watchmaker's Oil Bath
George III Candle-Stand
Black Forest Watchholder
English Creamware Jellied Egg Mould
Miniature Classical Brass Mortar
Scrimshaw Prisoner-of-War Dominoes Box
Turkish Silver Circumcision Cup
Antique French Brass Barometer/Thermometer
Graceful Burlwood Cane
George III Silver Meat Skewer By Chawner
Large - Signed!- Burl Bowl
American Scrimshaw Carved Coconut Dipper
Scrimshaw Dipper With Pewter Mounts