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Two extraordinay beauties in Sienese Renaissance costumes are depicted in these highly detailed ivory chess figures. Both are about 4-1/4 inches in height, 1-3/4 wide and 7/8 of an inch deep. For stability they have been lightly attached to clear plastic plinthes. They are in excellent patinated condition. Italian, circa 1600.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Organics : Ivory : Pre 1800 item #160889 (stock #293AAA)
A momento of the French Revolution is this ivory figure of an “incroyable,” a dandy of the Terror. In all likelihood a parasol handle, the figure sports the outrageously high muffled cravat and collar of the day and the exagerated “tricorne” hat with its ribbon and revolutionary cockade. It is in fine condition with only the end of his nose missing, and is mounted up on a Siena marble base. French, circa 1795...