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Here is a glorious tribute to summer’s warm beauty that will chase the winter blues from any room. By noted French flower painter, Raoul Victor Maurice Maucherat de Longpre, it portrays a freshly gathered bouquet of poppies, daisies, bachelor’s buttons and Queen Anne’s lace gracefully lying on a stone wall, the sort of still-life that the artist was famous for all of his career, which began at the Salon de Paris in 1876...
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Undoubtedly the most popular disciple of Buddha for artistic portrayal was the Japanese monk Daruma, most likely because his extreme devotion lent itself easily to ludicrous interpretation. Here, however, is a more eerie aspect of the legend: the reappearance of the aesthete some years after his death when he was seen in the western mountains of China, to whom he had introduced Zen Buddhism, traveling towards India, barefoot with one sandal in his right hand...