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Guilio Cesare Ferrari, born Bologna, Italy, 1813 or 18, died 1899, was a professor of classical arts and painter of Romantic Classical scenes and portraits. Examples of his work can be found in the Bologna Museum, etc. This little gem portrays the craggy harbor of a sea-tossed island where a sail-ship has become wrecked in the harbor: Ulysses at the Isle of Circe? It is quite magical... Approximately four inches by eight inches, heavy impasto oil painting on board in the manner of Montecello.
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Italian : Pre 1800 item #273575 (stock #339AAA)
“He is covered with stars, ribbons and medals, more like a Prince of the Opera than the Conqueror of the Nile. It is really melancholy to see a brave and good man, who has deserved well of his country, cutting so pitiful a figure.” This was written by General Sir John Moore upon receiving this painting of his friend and fellow defender of England, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson...