Avery Art and Antiques
Robert Rauschenberg "Cardbirds" Catalog
The work of Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues: A Huguenot artist in France
Finely Detailed French Rabbit Hunter
Guzzardi:Portrait of Lord Horatio Nelson
Important PreColumbian Figural Vessel
Elegant Carving Aid - Antique Manche-a-Gigot
Imperial Presentation Silver Ice Bucket
Chinese Carved Panel - Cricket
Unusual Figural Skate Key
Reflective California Bronze: "l
Elegant Dutch Silver Biscuit Box/Tray
Imperial Russian Elaborate Silver Dish
Imperial Russian Plique-a-Jour Watch Fob
Giant Covered Wassail Bowl
Norwegian Ship Diorama "Anna"
"Star of France" Marine Panorama
Paris Porcelain Dresser Set
Impressive Chinese Silver Dressing Set