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Focus on Asian art B & C Antiques began in 1982 after we spent many years as collectors. As our Asian antiques collection began to grow, we found that our area of collecting interest became focused more specifically on Japanese antiques. Fascinated with Japanese art and culture, we even went so far as to design and build a Japanese style home. Our tastes gravitate primarily to those items that were created for domestic use and not so much for export items which, although simple or commonplace, reflect a quiet elegance and inner beauty. Items which express the concept of Shibui.

Japanese and Chinese antiques For nearly twenty years, we dealt in Asian antiques on a limited basis while we pursued corporate careers. Our articles on Japanese and Chinese antiques have been published in Arts of Asia and Daruma magazines. Now that we are both retired, we have become more active buyers and sellers of Japanese and Chinese antiques. Our objective is to maintain our website catalog with several hundred items for sale, so please continue to check back regularly to see what we have added most recently. We welcome any inquiries to request additional information or photographs or to advise us of specific items in which you have an interest.

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