Sought after Treasures from Japan, China, South East Asia, India and the Himalaysa as well as the art of the Americas.
Tribal and Ethnic Weapons and Shields as well as 18th thru 20th Century Militaria and Curiosities.

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Antique Abyssinian type Shield
Antique Abyssinian type Shield

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In the Art and Artifacts business since 1982, we have a large and ever changing inventory of Asian, Tribal and Folk Art art and artifacts, including a selection of sculpture, masks, textiles, pottery, baskets and jewelry. In addition we offer a variety of weapons and shields from Asia, Africa, India, the Himalayas and the Americas. Our goal has always been to provide pieces that have artistic merit and which conform to the traditions of the community from which they come. We strive to offer, authenticity, quality, uniqueness, craftsmanship and the best possible condition.

If you are not able to stop bye our warehouse showrooms to conduct a personal search, please feel free to contact us with your collecting interest. We will be happy to keep you informed about both pieces not yet listed on our site as well as new arrivals.

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Japanese, Meiji Period, Yokogi
Japanese, Meiji Period Yokogi

This wonderful piece of Japanese Folk Art hung over the household fireplace where it supported and adjusted the height of the kettle or tea pot on the hand forged metal hook. The Carp is an often found symbol in Japanese art. In this case symbolizing water and thus was thought to protect the household from potential fire represented by the hearth. In addition the Carp, like Salmon, swim up stream to spawn, struggling bravely to overcome barriers such as predators , rapids and waterfalls, thus symbolizing bravery and perseverance. The artists attention to detail and a sense of animation make this a particularly fine example. The lacquer shows wear form use and age only adding to the appeal of this striking piece of Japanese history. Please see our Japanese section for size and price.




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