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Echo Beach Glass
Set of three remarkably preserved antique stylized swans by Fratelli Toso. I have seen these attributed to Salviati however, on a recent trip to Venice I showed these to an antique dealer specializing in antique Venetian Glass and he showed me some documentation with images that confirms these to indeed be Fratelli Toso, made in 1890. This dealer had a few of these in his display and he said that they are hard to find without chips to the beaks and tails. The swans demonstrate a variety of techniques: the large one in crystal with silver leaf blown into a diamond rib mold, the small pink swan in crystal glass with gold aventurine marvered in gold pink chips blown into optic mold, and the small ruby swan blown into a rib mold. Considering that these beauties are 120 years old and in perfect condition, this is a very good buy!
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Glass : Italian : Venetian : Pre 1900 item #911719 (stock #036)
Echo Beach Glass
Produced in the late 1800's, this historical Venetian glass vase is constructed with filigrana reticello and filigrana retortoli (zanfrico)with aventurine. Similar design can be found in Rossella Juncks' "the Colors of Murano in the XIX Century", page 136. Diminutive in size at 3"h x 2.5"w, this historical vase is in excellent condition, unmarked.