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This small oil painting of a “Harbor Scene” by John Syer Jnr. (1846-1913), is a finely painted scene with a large sail boat docked on the rocky shoreline with a smaller sail boat next to it and men in a row boat nearby, with horse drawn cart near the ships, and small group of people on the beach near the cliff, and off in the distance is a ship with white sails. Signature is in the lower right hand corner. It is in the original frame with old torn paper on the back with indecipherable writing Size: painting 9 ½” x 13 ½” (w/frame 16 ¾” x 21”)
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This oil painting on canvas by the English artist Henry Andrews (1794-1868) is a finely painted scene of a couple strolling in a garden, both dressed in formal clothing in the style of the aristocracy from the 17th-18th century, light is coming in through the opening in the trees, signed by the artist in bottom left hand corner. Beautiful gilt ornate frame. Size: 18” x 14”
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This oil painting on canvas was painted by the highly accomplished Russian artist, I. Gerasimov. His use of form and pastel hues, along with heavier paint seen in the man’s white hair to create fullness, and the lined face of the gentlemen give the impression of a content and wise person. The creases of the clothing are beautifully executed to give a draped appearance, and his woven basket is finely painted. The background surfaces and steps have great depth and texture. He signs his painting I. Gerassimoff. Date on canvas: 1950 – Size: 37 ¼” x 28”