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All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Retro : Pre 1940 item #1230077 (stock #B1232)
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The buckle motif has been used in jewelry since the Victorian Era and had a huge resurgence in the 1920s through the 1940s. Van Cleef & Arpels was the first to design the buckle bracelet in 1935; all of the top jewelers soon followed including Tiffany & Co and Cartier.

This particular bracelet is a true classic yet with unusual styling. Though unsigned, it appears to have been manufactured by the jewelers who worked for both Tiffany & Cartier as they both sold this exact bracelet. Composed of 14kt yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies, one striking difference in this from many other buckle bracelets is the wonderfully flexible textured strap, giving this a 3 dimensional, machine age look to it. The underside however, is as soft as silk on the wrist. The substantial clasp is indeed a marvel as well adjusting to fit any wrist with its largest size extending to 7.25 inches by means of a very finely made lock within the clasp itself.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 8" long; 1" wide; Clasp is 1 1/8" wide

Gross Weight: 33.3 dwt; (51.7 grams)

Stones: 19 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds weighing 0.90 carat tcw; F-G color 12 Callibre Cut Rubies weighing 0.50 carat tcw

Circa: 1935-1945

NOTE: Stone weights are estimations only. Stones were not removed from the mounting.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1230004 (stock #B1378)
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This classic really is the equivalent of the little black dress-perfect for all occasions and goes with just about everything! Five (5) ovals of black onyx with shaped interiors are joined with pairs of 18kt yellow gold slashes filled with thirty-two (32) diamond meleeĀ“ for a total estimated diamond weight of .30 carats. Closed by a stylish spring ring clasp that is very easy to manage.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 8" long; 1" across

Gross Weight: 29.9 dwt; 46.7 grams

Circa: Mid 20th Century
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Retro : Pre 1960 item #1208007 (stock #B1115)
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If you are a dog lover this terrier bracelet is a must have! Who wouldn't want these sweet little pups romping across their wrist? This is the American version of the English reverse painted crystals - the difference being that these are cast and painted with a half-domed crystal placed on top. Whimsical and a conversation starter, you'll love wearing this as will all your dog loving friends who will instantly know you share a special place in your heart for our 4 legged best friends.

Condition: Very Good

Measurements: Bracelet length: 7 1/2"; Each element 5/8" x 9/16"

Gross Weight: 20.1 dwt (31.3 gr)

Circa: 1950
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Retro : Pre 1970 item #1169869 (stock #B1497)
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In China, bamboo is a symbol of longevity while in India it is a symbol of friendship and they are brought together in this elegant take on a classic. As a gift for a loved one, it speaks of loyalty and longevity; for yourself it merely speaks volumes, of beauty, classicism and refinement. Four (4) round bamboo circles are seamlessly connected by five (5) bamboo links, including the clasp. Further enhanced with a safety chain. Marked 750 for 18kt gold and an unknown maker's mark.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 7 1/2" long; 1 1/4" wide

Gross Weight: 43.7 dwt (68.0 grams)

Circa: Mid 20th Century
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Contemporary item #1159232 (stock #B1460A)
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This stunning bracelet comes from the Thistle & Bee Ruffle collection. The sterling silver cuff captures the softly contoured shape with an elegance and ease which makes it a lovely accompaniment to day or night time dressing. A beautiful accent to any of your all black outfits as well. Signed inside "Thistle & Bee"

Condition: Excellent

Metals: Sterling Silver

Measurements: 1 1/4" wide

Circa: New
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1138779 (stock #B1462)
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3 is the charm in this set of 18kt white, rose and yellow gold Italian braided bracelets. As you can see, they are stunning together adding just enough extra style to make them THE stand out accessory. Of course, lonely as they may be for their companion pieces, they do look wonderful when worn singly as well. Beautifully made and purchased in Italy in the 1980s, they came from a woman who adored them and was sad to say good-bye. These beauties will go with everything in your closet, from jeans to your little black dress.

Condition: Very good

Metals: 18kt Rose, White & Yellow Gold

Measurement: Approximately 7 1/2" in length

Gross Weight: 73dwt (113.6 grams) for all three

Circa: 1980; Italian
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1130203 (stock #B1467)
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I love garnets and this fantastic Victorian bracelet contains 5 beautifully matched garnets set into the most amazingly modern looking gold link design. That's one of the things about Victorian jewelry that fascinates me; some of it is so contemporary in it's design that it appeals to many different sensibilities!

Condition: Very Good

Measurements: Can fit up to a size 6 1/2" wrist

Gross Weight: 24.5 dwt (38.1 grams)

Circa: 1880-1890
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #1094168 (stock #B 1459)
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Though I haven't carried 'new' jewelry very much, I couldn't resist buying some pieces from the renowned silver company, Thistle & Bee. Their signature is "clean, carefully crafted and uniquely sophisticated designs", timeless and classic - my signature as well. This beautiful and extremely wearable sterling silver link bracelet is part of their bamboo line and is just wonderful! The clasp is constructed with the detail of a much more expensive piece of jewelry; it is a fold-over link with a sturdy locking mechanism. I think you'll find that you will end up wearing this with everything.

Coniditon: New

Measurements: 7 1/2" in length
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Retro : Pre 1960 item #1090244 (stock #B 1317)
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Chic and fun at the same time and difficult to believe that it isn't signed. What a stunner this amazing retro bracelet is, fashioned of 14kt yellow gold and bright and lively orange-yellow citrines in the central elements as well as on the exterior.. It is constructed simply and beautifully and is a delight to wear. A very special piece of jewelry, indeed. Slightly oval rather than round ensures a wonderful fit. I've never seen anything else quite like it!

Condition: Excellent

Circa: 1940

Measurements: Circumference: 6 3/4"; 1" across at the widest point

Gross Weight: 56.2 dwt (87.3 grams)
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1950 item #1089908 (stock #B1447)
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Another fabulous 14kt bold retro statement bracelet which is fun and very easy to wear with just about everything! The clasp is created in such a way to be invisible to the overall design of the piece and its not so heavy that you'll feel weighed down. One of my personal favorites!!

Condition: Very good with a few minor surface scratches

Measurements:7 1/2" long; 1 1/4' wide

Gross Weight: 45.1 dwt (70.1 grams)

Circa: 1940-1950

All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1950 item #1089476 (stock #B1458)
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Classic and chic are the two words that come to mind regarding this fabulous flexible bracelet. Constructed of 18kt yellow gold and containing 6 ruby flowers with 6 ruby petals each centered by a round brilliant cut diamond. The reverse is made up of polished bars of yellow gold which are so smooth making the bracelet just glide along the wrist.Closes with a tongue and clasp that is entirely hidden.
Condition: Excellent
Measures: 7 3/4" long x 1/2" wide
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1065241 (stock #B 1424)
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Originally $2,000

Bracelets with lock charms have been popular since the Victorian era and this is a modern take on that iconic image though this charm is in the shape of a padlock and actually opens without the need of a key! The bracelet and charm are both of 14kt yellow gold and both contain diamond melee; the bracelet on the ends and the padlock in the shape of the lock. Utterly charming yet sophisticated and extremely wearable. Gross weight: 17.0 dwt (26.5 grams) with charm. Charm weight: 3.4 dwt (5.2 grams) Condition is excellent. Circa mid to late 20th century
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1960 item #1061760 (stock #BR 1219)
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A 1950's Italian 18kt bracelet; so very different from the standard ones you see. This is one that I call the 'inverse' bracelet as it appears as if it is reversed. Oh so chic and, of course, oh so wearable. 7" in length; 3/4" wide. 38.3 dwt (59.6 grams) Condition is excellent. Marked 750 Italy. Circa 1950
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Retro : Pre 1950 item #1061299 (stock #B 1271)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
An fabulous geometrically designed retro bracelet in 18kt yellow gold. Wonderfully lightweight and wearable for day and night; if fact it could become the one bracelet you will never take off. 7" by 9/16". 37.4 dwt (58.2 grams). Most likely French in origin. Condition is very good with surface scratches commensurate with age and wear. Circa 1940.
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Retro : Pre 1950 item #1060230 (stock #B 1399)
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A fabulous retro ruby and diamond cuff bracelet that converts into a beautiful ruby and diamond clip! 2 pieces in one. The photos show how the pieces work together and it as easy as it looks. Fits a wrist size 6-7" Condition is very good with some surface scratches on the gold. Circa 1940
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1970 item #1059945 (stock #B 1417)
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Originally $3,750

A classic and lovely 18kt rose gold bracelet composed of 6 rows of domed brickwork links and an invisible double clasp for added security.

Length: 7", Width: 7/8"

Weight: 51 dwt

Condition is excellent with a few surface scratches which can easily be polished out.

Circa 1970
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1059944 (stock #B 1428)
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Roberto Coin jewelry, founded in 1977, is magnificently designed and manufactured in Italy. The Appassionata collection began the tradition of setting a small ruby hidden on the inside, allowing direct contact with the skin. Rubies have long had a mystical legend according them powers to give peace and promote a life filled with health and happiness. The hidden ruby has continued and has become the signature of Roberto Coin jewelry, granting the gift of good wishes to each wearer. This is a magnificent 0.22 ct diamond three-row Appassionata bracelet with three small rubies; one hidden on the reverse and one on either side of the push-button clasp. Polished 18kt yellow and white gold. Length: 7", Width: 9/16" Circa 1998
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1950 item #1048394 (stock #B1379)
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You KNOW you've longed for a slightly chunky retro bracelet you can wear everyday and here it is!! Stunning 2 color 18kt gold(yellow and rose)compliment each other in this three row beauty. Beautifully made with an invisible clasp and attached safety chain; it measures 7 1/2" long, 1 11/16" wide; 37.1 dwt (57.7 gr)