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All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1232448 (stock #R1212)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
From the exquisite Tiffany & Co designer, Jean Schlumberger, THE classic rope ring in 3 rows. Wires of gold are twisted together to form the design. In 18k gold with round brilliant diamonds in platinum weighing .28 carat; F color, VVS1 clarity. This ring is so lovely and looks beautiful on the finger.

Condition: Good; some wear to the diamonds

Measurements: Size 5 1/4"; 7mm wide

Gross Weight: 3.2 dwt (4.9 grams)

Marked: Tiffany & Co, Schlumberger, 750, PT950.

Circa: Mid 20th Century
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Platinum : Pre 1940 item #1230836 (stock #R1251)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
The engagement ring you've been dreaming of! A transitional round brilliant cut diamond weighing 1.45 carats, E-F color, VS2 clarity set within a classic platinum mounting. The two (2) tapered baguettes draw the eye to the remarkable center stone. Classic, simple, elegant. A ring you are sure to adore and never out grow.

Condition: Excellent

Ring Size: 5 1/2; can be re-sized

Gross Weight: 3.1 dwt; 4.8 grams

Circa: 1930

NOTE: Graded as mounting permits as stones have not been removed from the mounting; information are estimates based on accompanying EGL report putting the retail value of center stone at $20,600
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1215187 (stock #R1511)
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The fame of Mauboussin began in Paris in the early 1800s winning awards and exhibiting at major expos confirming their reputation for innovation in wearable jewelry. In 1955, they opened their first boutique in Place Vendome, Paris which according to the website, "offered a range of elegant, high-quality jewelry in a more moderate price range." Mauboussin has long been known as creative, innovative and a standard for high quality. This 18kt and mother-of-pearl band ring encompasses all of that and more in its sophistication yet simplicity of design. A 'checkerboard' on the top with gold on the bottom, this could be two rings in one! Domed on the outside with a bit of an angle between the rows and a nicely comfortable fit.

Condition: Excellent

Ring Size: 6

Measurement: 3/8" wide

Gross Weight: 7.1 dwt (11.1 grams)

Circa: 1980
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1214978 (stock #R1510)
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It was not uncommon to find 19th century antique wedding rings made in a delicate design using turquoise, which symbolized the forget-me-not flower. This charming and delicate Victorian beauty was most likely just that. Six (6) cabouchon turquoise surrounding a faceted garnet and lovely scroll work on the shoulders. The underside contains a compartment that at one time was used to keep a tiny lock of hair from the one who gave this. The mystery of its earlier life brings magic to this ring and helps to keep it alive in the world of its next owner. As an engagement ring, an everyday ring or a wonderful gift to a loved one, this ring will continue its life for many years to come.

Condition: Very Good

Ring Size: 3 3/4"

Gross Weight: 1.7 dwt (2.6 grams)

Circa: 1900
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1193407 (stock #R1425)
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A wonderful pastel green spinel ring set in a 14kt yellow gold mount. Perfect for the summer with its pale color and green tone, green being the 2013 Pantone color of the year. Faceted for just enough bling but softly hued to make this wearable everyday. The mounting is made in a random nest like pattern making me think of an egg sitting in a nest of gold. Held in place by six (6) prongs and a simple gold band.


Synthetic gemstones are often confused with simulants or imitations. Synthetics however, while also man-made, have been scientifically developed to duplicate a natural gem and will have the same physical and chemical properties. It takes a very experienced eye to tell them apart when they are well made. Gem quality synthetics make owning beautiful jewelry affordable as rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds all have their synthetic counterparts and only your gemologist knows for sure. Often used as accent stones in jewels of the 1920s.


The most famous spinels are found in the British Crown Jewels in the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels of Iran in Teheran. Throughout history, spinel, most commonly thought of as red, has been confused with ruby partly because they are both found in the deposits. Spinel, more common than the many gemstones is a great substitute for it appears in a variety of colors.

Condition: Excellent

Ring Size: 6 and able to be re-sized

Gross Weight: 5.0 dwt (7.8 grams)

Circa: 1980
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1980 item #1191826 (stock #CRAR1505)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
A Cartier classic! The much adored and always sought after original and iconic trinity ring, symbolizing love, fidelity and friendship. A true classic that will forever hold a place in your heart and your fashion. This one of 18kt pink, yellow and white gold with a ribbing design on each band. Signed Cartier 18kt.

This is what Cartier says about The Trinity Ring:

Three bands. Three colors. Pink gold, yellow gold and white gold, intertwined in a display of mystery and harmony. The visionary mind of Louis Cartier created the Trinity ring in 1924. Jean Cocteau promptly made the piece his own. Encircled in the glow of the literary world inhabited by the poet, the ring quickly earned iconic status. Three types of gold. Three symbolic colors: pink for love, yellow for fidelity and white for friendship. Trinity, a timeless design devoted to life's most memorable loves.

Condition: Very Good; slight wear indicative of age and wear

Ring Size: 5 1/4 - 5 1/2 Unable to be re-sized

Gross Weight: 4.5 dwt (7.0 grams)

Circa: 1980
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Platinum : Pre 1940 item #1190690 (stock #R1490)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
You'll need sunglasses when viewing this exceptionally brilliant diamond ring. The center stone is just shy of one (1) carat measuring .97 ct with a very white F-G color and clear VS2 clarity. A real stunner with clean lines and an additional 2 baguette diamonds on each shoulder bringing the total diamond weight of the ring to just over one (1) carat. Elegant, classic and just lovely.

Condition: Excellent

Ring Size: 8 1/4; can be re-sized

Gross Weight: 2.0 dwt (3.2 grams)

Circa: 1940

NOTE: Accompanied by an EGL certificate and appraisal putting the retail value at $11,200
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Edwardian : Pre 1910 item #1188679 (stock #R1500)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
Also known as a 'toi et moi' ring (meaning me and you), this style was very popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras representing the intertwining of two souls and has thus been given very often as an engagement ring. This unusual ring is made of platinum over 18kt (marked 750) gold on a gold shank, it contains one (1) bezel set old european cut diamond of approximately .50ct, G-H color, VS clarity and one (1) bezel set faceted bright sapphire measuring approximately 4.6mm in diameter by 3.2mm in depth. The shoulder contains an additional five (5) old european cut diamonds on each side of approximately .10ct for a total of .20ct. This ring is absolutely stunning and one of the prettiest ones I've seen.

Condition: Excellent

Ring Size: 4 1/2 and can be re-sized

Gross Weight: 2.1dwt; (3.2 grams)

Circa: 1900
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1187600 (stock #R1504)
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A fine and fantastic 18kt yellow gold ring centering a pale blue faceted sapphire and accented by cabachon rubies on the shoulders. Wonderfully modern and timeless, its manufacture and style certainly owe much to the traditions of ancient jewelry. Wearable for everyday, subtle and sublime.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 3/8" by 7/8" across top of ring

Ring Size: 5 1/2 and able to be re-sized

Gross Weight: 4.6 dwt; (7.2 grams)

Circa: 1980
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1187588 (stock #R1502)
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Did you know that in Chinese astrology 2013 is the year of snake? The image of the snake has been used since the beginning of time to represent and symbolize a variety of meanings. For Native Americans it was the life form given to lightning and rainbows; for the ancient Hebrews it was a symbol of healing as well as a representation of both good and bad fortune; by Christians, it was revered as the symbol of God. In more recent history, after Price Alfred gave Queen Victoria a snake ring for their engagement, it popularly became the symbol for fidelity, eternity and endless love. This Victorian 18kt yellow gold ring is an example of the timelessness of much Victorian jewelry; modern and simple from a distance it has the appearance of a wide gold band. Look closer and you see the diamond (.20pt) accented head of the serpent wrapped around the tail representing the eternal circle.

Condition: Good; minor wear and surface scratches commensurate with age and one small dent on the reverse

Ring Size: 8 1/2 and able to be re-sized.

Measurements: 1/2" across at the widest part; 2/5" at the narrowest

Gross Weight: 6.1 dwt (9.5 grams)

Circa: 1890. Most likely English in origin
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1960 item #1142688 (stock #R1479)
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Through-out history, amethysts have been believed to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. The name comes from the Ancient Greek, referring to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness and thus, seduction. It has also often been associated with royalty; especially in English history and is often seen in royal jewels and regalia. This beauty is a newer version of a Victorian ring; an almost exact copy of one that my grandmother wore from her own antique jewelry collection. The clear purple central stone is surrounded by lovely bright royal blue enamel interspersed with 10 approximately 5 pt diamonds for a total carat weight of .50 carat. The shoulders are accented in a blue enamel design continuing the theme.

Condition: Excellent

Metal: 14kt yellow gold

Measurements: Ring size 6 1/2; top of the ring measures 5/8" north/south and 9/16" across

Gross Weight: 4.7 dwt (7.3 grams)

Circa: Mounting is antique; Shank is new
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1142368 (stock #R1472)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
Chic and fabulous are the only words to describe this 18kt yellow gold and faceted citrine ring. Modern yet classic; easy to wear and extremely comfortable on the hand with its wide shank.

Condition: Excellent

Metal: 18kt yellow gold

Measurements: Ring Size 5 1/4 - 5 1/2; can easily be re-sized. The top of the ring measures approximately 9/16' by 9/16"

Gross Weight: 6.1 dwt (9.6 grams)

Circa: Contemporary
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1139698 (stock #R1482)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
While Luna Felix was working at the United Nations in New York she began wearing jewelry of her own design gathering much attention from friends and colleagues. She launched her own line of jewelry and began showing full collections at Neiman Marcus, Bendel's and Bloomingdales among other stores. Felix specializes in the ancient and precise technique of granulation, (the process of using granules of gold to create designs in relief). In this 18kt and aquamarine ring, the warmth of the gold contrasts with the cool hue of the aqua and possesses a sense of history with its intricate details and granulation. A beauty on any skin tone worn on the pinky ring or ring finger; alone or stacked.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: Ring size 4 3/4

Gross Weight: 3.2 dwt (5.0 grams)

Circa: Mid-Late 20th Century
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1131965 (stock #R1469)
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This stunning Bulgari ring reminds me of the pinks in a summer sunset! It is Bulgari and so of course, beautifully crafted and so very comfortable to wear. Designed in 18kt yellow gold with a soft hued pink tourmaline, easy to wear with everything and oh so easy on the eyes.

Condition: Very Good

Measurements: Ring size 5 1/4 and is able to be re-sized

Gross Weight: 8.7 dwt (13.5 grams)

Circa: Mid 20th Century
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Platinum : Pre 1930 item #1118158 (stock #R1465)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
A classic Art Deco design in platinum with the characteristic pairing of diamond and sapphire. Set into the center of this navette formed ring is one old European-cut diamond weighing approximately 0.30 carat, I-J color; further set with old single cut diamond melee and French cut synthetic sapphires. The entire flank is hand engraved and the mount is embellished with mille grained accents.

Condition: Excellent

Metal: Platinum

Ring Size: 5 1/2

Circa: 1920 - 1930
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1117324 (stock #R1407)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
Viewing Elizabeth Locke's jewelry is like taking a tour through history. Locke retrieves elements from ages past and re-purposes them into her hand crafted 18kt new jewelry. With her knowledge of and passion for antique jewelry techniques, she also creates entirely new pieces which might fool you at first glance. This ring is just such a piece incorporating a hand carved agate with the image of a dog trotting along set into a wide 18kt yellow gold hand hammered mounting. This is a stunning ring for the Locke collector, dog lover or any jewelry enthusiast.

Condition: Excellent

Metal: 18kt yellow gold

Ring Size: 6 and can be re-sized

Circa: Mid to Late 20th Century
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Retro : Pre 1950 item #1115923 (stock #R1443)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
An alluring 18 carat blue aquamarine is the focus of this dazzling retro ring, set in an 18kt white gold triple ribbed mounting. Accenting the aquamarine are 3 bright white diamonds on either side totaling .35 ct. A joy to behold as you imagine the color of the sea and warm breezy days!

Condition: Excellent

Ring Size: 5 3/4 and can be re-sized

Gross Weight: 6.3 dwt (9.7 grams)

Metal: 18kt white gold

Circa: 1950
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Arts and Crafts : Pre 1920 item #1100397 (stock #R 1162A)
Ellen L Ring Ltd
This graceful 14kt yellow gold ring contains one square step cut rich green tourmaline and 4 small old European cut diamonds as accents, placed gingerly at each corner. The mounting represents the characteristic styling of the Art & Crafts movement with its elegant scrolling ivy and floral motif. So wearable and versatile; tourmaline is resistant to scratching and breaking so wear it every day!

Condition: Excellent

Metal: 14kt Gold

Ring Size: 6 1/2 and can be easily resized

Circa: 1912; most likely American in origin