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Beautifully detailed spelter lamp of a school boy dressed in knickers and a cape, holding his book under his arm. The whole lamp stands 41" tall with an 8" diameter on the base. The figure of the boy, without the base or the font, stands 20 1/2" tall. There is a small chip on the top rim of the shade, but everything else is in perfect condition. This is one of the nicest lamps of its kind that I've had.
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Fabulous leaded glass shade by John Morgan and Sons of New York. This beautiful piece of craftsmanship has a mottled green background with pink, orange, red and yellow flowers. When lit, the colors are absolutely phenomenal. The shade, which measures 23" in diameter, proudly sits upon a beautiful Handel base. The whole lamp measures 24" tall and would stand out in any room. It is in excellent condition.