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Precious Treasures
This ceramic German stein was produced by Gertz. It has seit of 1862 on base.There are two scenes. one is a tavern scene and the other is of a house with foliage and flowers. The price is $35.00 plus postage and insurance.The stein measures 6.50" high and 2.50 " wide.
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Precious Treasures
$50.00 "SOLD" thank you
This book by Jack Wilson is in rare condition and out of print. It is in pristine condition.It covers both Consolidated and Phoenix Glass in great detail and comes with a paperback of prices that act as only a guide.There is also a brief section on Muncy Pottery.It lists key dates beginning in 1893 when Consolidated was formed till 1964 when the plant closed. There are many historical discussions etc as well as pictures in color of the many pieces of the glass...