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Superb Victorian Black Purse w/ Crystal Clasp

Catalogue: Antiques: Decorative Art: Textiles: Apparel: Pre 1910   item# 99086

Superb Victorian Black Purse w/ Crystal Clasp
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Reduced this month from $230 ...

More than 100 years old but in near mint condition, this bag can be firmly dated by its very round shape. Certain interior details also tell us we're looking at a *really* old purse, exquisitely made. Its pearl satin lining is hand-gathered (like the outer pouch) and an attached coin purse is present, lined to match the outer bag. There's hardly a spot anywhere, no stitches are loose and even the frame shows only minimal wear and snaps tightly shut around the prismic crystal clasp. Clearly this purse was used briefly by a lady in mourning, who subsequently stored it away.

Imagine the chic it will add to your favorite "little black dress" or dinner suit. You can carry plenty, too, since the pouch measures about 8" x 7" and expands to almost circular form. Clasp adds almost another inch in height and the strap is about 15".

Please e-mail to confirm availability, order or request more photos. Thanks for looking!

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