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Fine Art Nouveau Malachite Glass Box c 1910

Catalogue: Archives: Decorative Art: Glass: Pre 1910   item# 119212

Fine Art Nouveau Malachite Glass Box c 1910
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This luxurious antique trinket or jewelry box would be a gorgeous addition to any woman's vanity, dresser or desk. It's made of glass with a marble-like look, very much in the Lalique manner. Its design is quintessentially Nouveau, featuring sinuous nudes with flowing hair and ribboning draperies. These graceful female figures appear on the side, as well as the lid. They seem to be swimming in a rich green sea and remind me of Klimt's series of "Sea Serpent" paintings. In superb condition, the piece measures about 3 3/4" round at its widest and about 2 1/4" at its tallest. Provenance is an East coast estate and dating is Victorian or Edwardian, circa 1900-1910.

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