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Victorian Art Nouveau Door Knocker, Gilt Bronze Lion

Catalogue: Archives: Furnishings: Architectural: Exterior: Pre 1900   item# 594072

Victorian  Art Nouveau Door Knocker, Gilt Bronze Lion
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GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear

Sold; thank you! $235.  

Truly the King of Beasts, this lion is one of the most magnificent I've seen. Artistic detail has been lavished on his facial features and ornately scrolling mane. Probable dating would be 1885-1895, the height of the Victorian Art Nouveau period in Europe, but an amazing amount of gilding remains present.

From an English dealer near Cambridge, the knocker measures a bit more than 4.5 inches from top to bottom and almost 3.5 inches at its widest. Highly dimensional, it rises about 1.5 from the back to the lion's snout. A sturdy ring knocks on a dimpled plate below his chin, not on the lovely face itself, which is another plus. Interestingly, lion knockers have been so associated with England throughout history that they were all but banned in the U.S. in Revolutionary and early Federal times. Thus, good old ones are rarities on our side of the Pond.

Our price for this treasure represents an excellent value, since you'd have to pay nearly as much for a good reproduction with patina artifically applied. Thanks for looking!

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