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Antique Art Deco Button Hook of Tangerine Bakelite

Catalogue: Vintage Arts: Instruments and Implements: Pre 1930   item# 604025

Antique Art Deco Button Hook of Tangerine Bakelite
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Ah, that cheerful Art Deco orange! Doesn't it light up your face with a smile, whenever you see it on jewelry or pottery? Here, the juicy tangerine shade adorns a 6-inch button hook for your vanity.

Its vivid Bakelite handle comprises 3 3/4 inches of that length. Styled in a bold V shape, it's flat at the back, but the front has step-cut sides that are hard to photograph due to the glare. Along with the width, the thickness of the handle also increases gradually toward the top, for a powerful sense of streamlined motion.

The piece is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks, only a few superficial scratches, and the metal hook shows no rust and is securely attached. Besides being ornamental, this could still be very useful for doing up evening gloves.

There's no charge for insured U.S. shipping and gift-wrap is always free when desired. Thanks for looking!

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