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Glorious Antique Jewelry
The history of the American Gypsy and Gypsy jewelry is exotic and has been a tale of intrigue. Gypsies or Roma people inhabited our nation before the English arrived. They came, the men, women and children, wearing their gold jewelry as they did throughout history. This jewelry is extremely rare. Why? Gold jewelry was security and brought good luck, acting against illness to the wearer. They would wear a jewel with the horsehoe pointed up so that good fortune would not flow out. Gypsies had neither bank accounts or stocks and bonds. They were nomadic people, always on the move. It was sensible and safe to keep their wealth on their bodies.Gypsy tradition was powerful and was against selling gold without dire need. All but one piece, that given to the oldest daughter, was buried with the deceased. During the Great Depression and the depression in the 1980's, gold was melted along with gold of the gypsies. Gypsy jewelry was solid 14kt gold, set with synthetic stones. They did not have the ability to authenicate stones. The motifs used in design are historic as well. There is twisted wire, star shaped flowers, engraved lines that suggest movement, sometimes rapid and direct and sometimes circuitous and squiggly. The horseshoe is prevalent. Barry Weber, an expert on jewelry of the American Gypsy can be seen on U Tube. He remarked: "Its rarity and beauty has pushed up the prices of Gypsy jewelry, making it much more valuable than the gold contained in each piece." Excellent condition.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Neat looking double mother of pearl cuff links from 1920, the early Art Deco period, are 14kt yellow gold and are joined by three matching studs for contemporary mens tuxedo shirts. Each disk is edged with engraved white gold. The backs are 14kt yellow gold with the appropriate warmth of their age. Smack in the middle of each round, is a small cultured pearl. The links are well proportioned and neutral for wear with all colors or patterns.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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Like gold coins but floridly engraved and diamond set, these cufflinks carry a powerful message that goes far back to ancient Greek and Roman history. Engraved in the round are Acanthus leaves. Lush and scrolling, the Acanthus has carried with it the symbol of endurance and long life. They were frequently used by artists and architects in classical columns and friezes and later, in 19th century furniture. Now to be worn with pride by men or women, the cufflinks are strongly engraved in 14kt gold. They are a lovely example of the evolution of art and history.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
A sturdy, solid, ridged gold bracelet that can be worn by male or female. Within the horizontal ridges pebble graining gives texture and contrast to the solid gold surround. This is the comfortable piece of jewelry that will be put on and not removed, be it rain snow or hail. Worn with other bracelets, it will add texture yet lovely to wear alone. Glows with rose tone gold. Length 8 in.. Height 1/2 inc
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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Sleek, clean, classic 14kt hoop earrings look as if they are made for pierced ears but fool the eye. Originally made for Tiffany and Co. with a unique spring action, the two halves of the hoop spring to the side to open, then fit around the front and back of the ear lobe. The fit is secure with no slipping at all. This pair does not have a company stamp and thus it is likely that they were made by the manufacturer who made them for Tiffany but marketed by his firm separately when the Tiffany obligation ended. Two years ago we received a request for a pair like this but could not find one. They are no longer in production. The condition is excellent with the patina of passed time. The hoops measure 1 3/8 in. in diameter.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
The face of this lacy diamond ring is a light snowfall of diamonds. One of our photographs deceives the eye as we see the gold setting and band through the diamond lace. No gold is seen on the ring top. Three central diamonds are old mine cut stones approximately 10 points each. The two diamonds left and right of center are miners while rose cut diamonds fill the background. A black enamel frame accentuates the whiteness of the diamonds. Consistent in design, the open work of the front is carried through to the twining vines of the girdle which raises the ring from the finger. The workmanship is finely wrought. This is a transitional ring that has elements of the Edwardian Era, 1895-1915 and hints of the approaching Art Deco period. Edwardian jewelry was light and lacy whereas Art Deco style was strongly geometric. There was no clear cut off between sales.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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Moonstones, filled with the romance of moonlight, have a milky hue with tints of blue, pink and yellow as the light around them changes. The Victorians favored the stones for their natural connection to the moon, not to dismiss June and spoon, and to their seductive light know as adularescence, the shimmer of color they hold. Victorians, Edwardians and folks living in the Art Nouveau era, thought these jewels had magical properties. In some nations folks expected good dreams or lovely visions at night if they wore these gems or put them beneath their pillow. The "Glorious" double moonstone pendant holds gem quality stones set in 18kt gold. In both drops, the moonstones are centered by a star and separated by golden triangles. Set at an angle with triangular shapes between them, there is a geometric quality which to me, makes the necklace look transitional between art nouveau and art deco. Cut in cabouchon, a smooth unfasceted cut, the translucent glow is emphasized. Dimension does not show on a flat screen, nor does play of color in a delicately reflective gem. The necklace is a beauty with unusual romantic associations and qualities. c.1915 - 1920 . Measurement of Pendant. 3 in. long. Width 1 1/4 in. Chain 16 3/4. Condition is perfect strong and can be an everyday jewel. The chain is adustable thus the necklace can be worn at two lengths that differ an inch and three quarters.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Art deco geometry, edwardian delicacy and art nouveau curves are the design motifs that combine in this delicate brooch that looks like lace that has been studded with diamonds. More elegance than bling, there is style enough here to identify the wearer as a woman who has fine taste for beauty. The linear central section of delicate parallel lines holds three marquise shaped diamonds that seem part of musical notation. Two oval shapes lead the eye to the side sections of the brooch. Each oval holds three round stones. Round diamonds encrust all the surrounding circles and interweaving lines. All stones are modern cut. A touch of sparkle that cannot be missed, this brooch would be fabulous with diamond chandelier earrings such as we show on this site as well as with diamond studs. It can double as a choker worn high on the neck when pinned to a black velvet ribbon finished with a velcro closure.The condition is superb. Approx. one carat total diamond weight.c. 1920
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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Lace like platinum and a white gold double layer frame securely hold a center .15ct european cut diamond. The diamond is sparkly, bright, and small, but there is definitely show to the earrings. The design and setting gives the stones a larger appearance. These are wear with everything diamond earrings that have the advantage of being unusual as they differ from all the modern diamond studs. Perfect for the woman who does not want large stones for daytime use. Fine condition. Setting is six sided and measures 5/8 of an inch in every direction.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Diamonds for your eyes, marquise shapes, baguettes, and small rounds, make a jewel of this Art Deco Lorgnette. A tulip on its stem serves as the handle. The flower is created by three marquise diamonds . At the flowers end, there are two marquise diamond leaves and a round stone. The handle of this lorgnette is encrusted with baguettes and many small round diamonds. All of the gold is etched around the eye glass frame. This detail can be seen in the photo accompanying this description. A push of a button allows the lorgnette to spring open. Use this jewel on a chain as a necklace or place your own lenses in the glass holders and you serve two purposes. The lens compartments are large enough to accommodate bifocals. The fittings are tight. On an evening when your purse is small, no need to overcrowd it. You will see clearly and in high style. c.1920. Perfect condition. Length 3 1/2 in. Width of lenses is 1 1/2 in.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Brilliant, fine and elegant diamond and emerald serpent ring in marvelous condition and timeless in design. The workmanship is absolutely excellent and clean. The snake motif is somewhat abstract yet familiar to those who are acquainted with the form. The crown of the reptile is set with a lovely european cut diamond and is surrounded by diamonds and emeralds which pervade the entire top of the jewel. The snake form went back to antiquity. It was fashionable in the Victorian era and thereafter. Scottish brooches, are often loveknots which carry the same sentiment of eternity, unending love and loyalty. A truly beautiful ring to enhance style and mood. Approximate size is 7. Exact size will be provided at a later time. This item can be sized.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Diamonds form a double bow and tie a central half carat diamond knot in this onyx and European cut diamond ring from the art deco era. Tiny full cut diamonds extend to the band. The onyx and diamonds sit in a handmade setting. Under the stones is a filigree cage that raises the ring a bit higher than a quarter of an inch from the finger. The ring’s lines are neat and clean. Contrast was a hallmark of the deco period as was the selection of white gold for gem settings. Men and women dressed smartly for evening. Saturated color, onyx and coral, diamonds, emeralds and jade were characteristic of the jewelry. The onyx and diamond central motif measures 10/16ths of an inch high by half an inch wide. In perfect condition, the ring is currently a size 6 1/2 and can be sized by our expert jewelers. C.1920