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To take in the entire ring at first glance is grand indeed. Be sire tp let your eye roam on each detail, section by section and you will admire the intricacy and creative sense of the design. The setting is hand made platinum. Old Mine Diamonds adorn the center, the left and the right. The central diamond is approximately 1.25 cts while the side diamonds are .75 cts making a total central diamond weight of 2.75 cts. Additionally two .4pt. stones are in the side triangles and the entire front of the ring is encrusted with small .1 pt stones. Cut out work accentuates each section and gives the negative space to make the gems pop. The shank is engraved on every angel. This is a tour d'force engagement ring that will be always cherished. Condition is excellent. Size 7 currently. Ask me about sizing please.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Three Old Mine Diamonds announce your devotion then, now and forever as they radiate their beautiful light. Elegant and warm, the size of the stones total weight is approximately .90, neither small or large, but feel rightly proportioned and tasteful. Old mine diamonds are appreciated for their age, these c. 1880, that they were cut and polished by hand, and that each gem has its own character.The diamond color is approximately H-I. Clarity SI 1-2. Currently size 6. Can be sized
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Send out a trial balloon in style. No words will be necessary to express the questions of your heart when this diamond brooch is received by the person of your choice. A combination of old mine and transitional stones are set in platinum and gold in question mark form. Imagine the queries one can apply. The list is unending. Diamonds, their warmth and their star-like glimmer are forever. There are more diamonds and less metal showing than it seems in the photo. He can pin this on his tie or lapel. She can covet it and wear it on anything and everything. The entire brooch is a glimmer of light. Someone's heart will be the same. Perfect condition.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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It was only when platinum came into use for jewelry around 1890-1900, that jewelry designers were able to create patterns from fine threads of precious metal. You see the effect in this magical necklace of platinum and diamonds. . Fine Art Deco design is architecturally integrated and harmonious. It is powerful in strength and in design yet appears as delicate as a spider's web. The front of this necklace is a work of geometry in platinum and diamonds. Its triangles and rectangles are connected with engraved horizontal links in the same design that covers every surface of the collar and the pendant. The removable pendant can be worn separately on a chain or ribbon, therefore, two jewels in one necklace. Not only is the front clean and lovely, but the back is perfection.The collar is 13 1/2 inches long. The central section with pendant drops 2 1/2 inches. It fits a petite lady with a small neck. Condition is immaculate.
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t sits quietly at the neck calling attention to its dignity. Spun of platinum and white gold, in linear and vertical form, the pendant is delicate, strong and like urban 1920's architecture, it epitomizes Art Deco design. The eye is drawn first to the center where an old mine .25ct diamond is set deeply into a hexogonal mount. North and south are small diamonds set in diamond shaped collets. From center the design spreads geometrically to a rim of stylized vines of terraced platinum and gold. The chain, also Art Deco and the bale from which the pendant is suspended are original. Length of pendant 2 1/2 in. Width 8/16th in. Length of chain 19 in
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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An unusual setting makes this engagement ring unique and elicits second glances. The lively center stone is an Old European Cut Diamond that weighs approximately .70 cts, - .75cts. The stone is beautifully faceted and has many points of light. Small full cut stones spill to the shoulders of the band and accent the center stone at north, south east and west. Notice the twist of the band as it meets and wraps around the center diamond shape. The central stone is ever so slightly raised from its background by 1/16th of an inch. Excellent condition. There are no imperfections noticeable upon louping. We estimate the clarity as VSI, Color G-H. Ring size at present: is 7